Britannia's Fist and Rainbow of Blood series theroy

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    I remember reading a thread on the books and people brought up that they didnt see the war ending in the next book. However the sbtitle is Civil War to World War so perhaps the next book has Russia, Prussia, and other nations getting involved, completing the trilogy. Another trilogy comes out talking about the World War
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    Apr 15, 2005
    Hmm...definitely possible.
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    Yes, I was one of the posters who believes that this trilogy (whose first two parts only covered two months of the conflict between Great Britain and the Union) will end with the point which historians in the alternate timeline mark as the beginning of World War I. Later on in the thread I posted a timeline of events that will or are likely to occur after Rainbow of Blood, using the endnotes Tsouras supplied in both volumes:

    My biggest concern is that Rainbow of Blood was delayed twice and so did not make it into many bookstores. I just hope Volume 3 of this trilogy is still published!
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