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Marcus harvested his crops that day with much enthusiasm. The gods had truly blessed him with a bountiful endorsement of crops to take him and his family through the winter months, something he was most gracious for. He turned to look at his villa. His wife, gorgeous by any mans standards was watching him at work, admiring him he hoped. He gave a wave and wiping his brow he returned to his work, grinning to himself thankful for such an existance few of the proletarii could of aspired to.

On a hill to the east Marcus soon came to notice a couple of men standing around seemingly taking in the view of the sprawling landscape of Gaul. Ofcourse he thought nothing of it, the Germanic Barbarians often mingled here and there perhaps to trade or apparently just take in the view of a civilised society. However this day seemed to be special, yet more men gathered upon the hill. Marcus laughed to himself "A ceromony to the harvest, to that i'll drink tonight."

Looking back at the window he saw his wife had gone, perhaps to attend his baby girl. He finnished the last of the field and decided to return to his villa, no sooner had he reached the door his wife opened it her face pale with grief. She latched onto his arm and pulled him inside and manage to stutter some words "Bar bar barbarians Marcus!"

"I know darling, some ceremony or ritual upon the hill, must of been a lucky harvest for them also. Nothing to worry yourself over." He chuckled and looked into her eyes endearingly, unconcerned of the world outside those four walls.

His wifes face screwed up in disbelief "Why then are they coming here Marcus? Are they to make a tribute to the fort?" she asked almost sobbing in relief. Marcus quickly untangled himself from her embrace and made for the door. Before he could reach for the latch it burst inward upon him knocking him to the ground. And for a moment everything was dark and quiet and he thought he might be drunk and all was merry in the land.

Soon he came to his senses, a tall man of lighter skin towered over him watching him closely. He tried to feel for something to grab quite hopelessely. The barbarian heaved and an axe came down on Marcus' elbow, mangling the joint which began to bleed profusely. He wailed, not only was he in great agony but he could no longer hear the screams of his wife and feared for her too. The barbarian grunted, the second blow landed squarely upon Marcus' head, and all that could be heard were the cries of his baby girl.

This is sort of a prelude to my timeline, criticism is very welcome =]
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nice, if gory, start
though it seems if marcus has a villa, there should be a lot more people around working for him...
nice, if gory, start
though it seems if marcus has a villa, there should be a lot more people around working for him...

Thankyou, my idea for marcus is that he was a poor chap who married a richer woman. And hes abit of a slime ball, but I should of perhaps of elaborated on that more. Anyway the jist of that is he has a nice pad but is effectively poor but happy, but hes dead now and unimportant ;)
Much of the rest of Gaul followed a similar story to that long forgotton man Marcus. However it didn't just stop at Gaul, after its fall Hispania soon followed with few legions to make a stand it quickly fell too. Much of the populace fleed to Italia and Africa and made up a large proportion of the militia which were to bolster the legions in Italia. All the men could hope to do was atleast impede the advance of the coming hordes. After all many had seen their children, wives and mothers slain by the hands of the people, if they could call them that, that they were about to fight.

Most of the Empire's resources were at this time tied up in other affairs, such as Mesopotamia, a new jewel of the Empire had sucked up the Legions in its high maintanence. This aquisition had cost the Empire alot, but Parthia a long time rival had been utterly crushed as Legionaires had rushed down from the Zagros mountains commiting genocide against the population in Persia pacifying it, but Mesopotamia itself had become a full time commitment. Arabs from the south would regularly raid trade caravans. And if it wasn't bandits, it was the populace who would have to undergo generations of romanisation before seeing themselves as roman. But the prize in turn was precious Indian trade which gave the economy a much needed boost after the campaign.

However during this tragedy Trajan was nowhere near the front line, or even in Rome. Luckily his heir to be was at hand, a man by the name of Hadrian who rallied the Militia and few Legions in Italia while he eagerly awaited much needed reinforcements from Dalmatia and Africa. And also erected an improvised wooden wall stretching from the Alps to the Mediterranean to give him hopefully an edge in the situation. And for a time this was the last news the people of Britannia knew of the fight for Rome...
I'd like to just say instead of long sprawling updates like most people do every couple of days im trying to go for shorter updates daily...

Criticism is much needed :confused:
Commodus Cassius looked out accross the sea that divided Britannia from Gaul and breathed a deep and heavy sigh. Before him were several ships in convoy, naval and merchant sailing for the nearby town of Regentium. He called for his manservant "Severus, send word that there have now been almost 90 ships in the last week to Regentium, Neptune only knows how many more have landed in other places poor sods." Severus rushed off towards the stables quite half heartedly so as to head to Londinium for the second time that week. Commodus had been writing down data on the ships entering the port, and their inhabitants although he'd have to do that the next day and sending it to Londinium who would have to settle the refugees for the meentime.

Commodus was a lowly aristocrat who had been very content to keep his villa in order and helping his father in his merchant business in town and in Gaul. He'd always been keen in politics however but could only indulge in local ordeals since the business required more attention. However recent events had rather over excited the young man with his new found connections in Londinium and he felt a sense of purpose serving the Empire. He knew though it would end soon as the Legions would kick the Germanians out of Gaul and the immigrants could return to their ships and sail back. A pity he thought, he was Hispanic in heritage but had a great fondness of Britannia which was thought of as rabid land to the civilized Italian and a outpost to the educated Greek. So he found it ironic when the hinterland of Britannia was only now being occupied by Romans when they were running away. Then again he loved its unspoilt beauty, even the local tribes who were on friendly terms with their occupiers he had an endearing feeling towards.

He turned on his heel to return to his villa feeling quite patriotic and hoped the morning would bring good tidings about the war.

The next day he awoke to a servants call, an official was awaiting him. He grabbed the nearest half decent tunic and went to greet him. "Good day sir how may I help you?" Commodus chirped politely. The official turned and looked up and down Commodus and gave him a cunning smile framed by his wavy hair sitting on his shoulders.

"Commodus Cassius, the Governer is to say the least very happy with your organisational skills its a shame other coastal towns havn't been so helpful when it comes to our new found immigration problem. Anyway... ahh" The official had looked over Commodus' shoulder and spied the wine rack. "Wouldn't it be nice if I told you this over a jug of the red stuff?"

Commodus couldn't help but accept and he poured the man a nicely filled jug and they sat in the porch looking out across the sea. "Ahhh thankyou" rasped the official "now where was I, oh yes, now as I was saying your organisation how impressed the governor and myself. Now sadly I have to inform you things continentally are to say the least disastrous but we ofcourse are lucky." He pointed towards the ocean and gave another twisted smile "So as you can guess the threat is somewhat less so, but ofcourse we must be prepared for the worst, after all there arn't many of us here to slaughter!" He laughed but Commodus had become stern and increasingly impatient with the officials manner.

"Get to the point" demanded Commodus who had stood up scowling at the man. The official was quite taken aback by this gesture.

"Well now..." The official became even more sly in his manner but also now stood face to face with Commodus "the Governor sees you fit to organise the town militia, im sure you can, improvise. A weapons shipment will arrive within a few days." He began to walk out but looked over his shoulder for one last crack "I do hope your daddy returns from Gaul soon, would be an awful shame for him to leave this world before his time." With that he left Commodus with his thoughts standing on the porch.
Bump :( can people atleast tell me my timeline is crap instead of ignoring it so I can give up, most of it will be like the section on Commodus Cassius and will be a tale of several people over the generations with spots of general commentary about the world :confused::(


What is the cause of the early German invasion in this timeline? Are they fleeing from people to the east of them? (Slavs or Huns ?)
:D:D:D YES! Comments =D sorry im overexcited now.

I actually havn't thought of a proper reason for the movement of the tribes, although I have several ideas swimming around.

1: is that the tribes have formed a confederation under a strong leader since they know of a plague coming. Each promised a fair chunk of land believing they will fair better through the disease in rich lands. ( this being atleast a little believable )

2: Another is a series of offences against the stronger tribes such as settlers piercing deep into Germania causing trouble so some strike out in angst. Then other tribes jump on the bandwagon.

Both of these are helped by Trajan trying to be Alexender the Great which he said he wouldn't be OTL, diverting Legions and resources to Mesopotamia.

I have other more favourable ideas but they arn't devoloped yet.
I wish I knew more about the time period but I know very little....and always enjoyed reading about it since Rosemary Sutcliff's books.

Keep it up...I'm really interested in what happens with England and Spain with no legions and/or pure gallic legionaires.