Ashes of the Kaiserreich-A dystopian Entente-Russia victory mod for HOI4

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    NOTE: Areas with no color on the map are TBD lore-wise at this point in development

    It has been 64 years since the "War of Reclaimation" was won by the join forces of the Ottawa Pact, and the world is unstable as ever. The Russian State is entering it's death throes as the peoples of Eastern Europe and Prussia yearns for freedom. The restored British Empire faces collapse, with revolution and republicanism seething within it's cracks. As the old order collapses, the resurgent Fourth Internationale seeks to once more spread Syndicalist revolution across the world, while the co-prosperity Sphere and the Pacific States of America take up the torch of liberty. The world is at a crossroads, with revolutionaries and demagogues from the left and the right both taking advantage of the death of the old order to bring fourth a new order, and another great war, one larger than the last war looks to be imminent....

    Summary and Premise:

    Ashes of the Kaiserreich is a Kaiserreich spinoff in development for Hearts of Iron IV. It explores two questions: What if the Second Weltkrieg ended with the defeat of both the Syndicalist Internationale and Mittleuropa at the hands of National Populist Russia and an increasingly authoritarian Entente? And what would that world end up as going into the 21st century?

    It takes a different approach than many Kaiserreich mods, featuring a premise that is significantly more dystopian[1] than the current Kaiserreich spin offs in development' featuring a world divided between an authoritarian Entente that has fully embraced reactionary and extreme anti-leftist sentiments and a Fascistic Russia; with a libertarian socialist America, a democratic co-prosperity Sphere, and a left-wing Nationalist Indian bloc challenging this reactionary order.

    In addition to the more dystopian premise, the mod takes a different approach to the concept of war between the Great Powers; focusing on the buildup to a war between great powers, the war itself, and the outcome of said war. In mods such as The New Order: Last Days of Europe, great power war is something to be totally avoided, and plays well into the hands of the genocidal goals of the main villains: the SS under Heinrich Himmler, who wants to see the world destroyed by a Nuclear fire that they hope would unleash the Final Solution to end all final solutions. This fits well with the themes of TNO, which is to make pragmatic choices-even if it means allowing someone who faked their remorse at Nuremburg OTL to act as the lesser of all evils-to achieve the best outcome, while not giving in to "easy" and "quick fix" solutions, even if in a rage directed against Nazism(ie: DSR and Nakam, as well as arguably the various Slavic Nazi and Ultranat groups such as Samara and Omsk that have no tangible difference politically at all apart from being from a group that was the target of the Nazis' genocidal aims). AoKR however, has the world war as occurring 9/10 times with the goal of the player of seeing it to it's end; this being a consequence of nukes having never been developed in this timeline, through nuclear capabilities have been theorized and I am planning for the majors and some secondary powers to have the power to build nukes ingame. That is not to say that peace is impossible, rather a peaceful 2010s is something requiring a lot of chips to fall to the floor that may not unless excessive savescumming and reloading is used.

    We are currently, after reorganizing the discord channel, opening our discord channel to the public and looking for developers that will help bring this mod to fruition. You can apply for development here by filling out this form. In addition, with regards to following development, this is our thread on the website if you fancy following development here, and we have our subreddit on reddit as well, along with a discord here.

    [1]: Through, admittedly, to some not on board with the whole Syndicalism thing or see Totalism as the inevitable endpoint of Syndicalism would interpret Krasnacht as a rather dystopian scenario
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    What are the Entente countries?
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    I will have a sort of lore post up soon explaining this but the Entente, or should I say the Commonwealth includes at least:

    * Britain
    * Canada
    * Malaysia(with Singaport as a home port)
    * Australasia
    * South Africa
    * Norway(went radsoc, but the Entente used a bit of gunboat diplomacy to bascically go "moderate to something less socialist or face invasion", they are the least authoritarian member of the Entente and still remains social democratic)
    * Greece
    * Oman
    * Egypt(fell under British influence as Britain tried to exert control over the middle east, Suez fell under British control once more)
    * West Indies Federation

    Portugal and Spain were once aligned with Britain but a socialist revolution toppled the Intergralist government of Portugal, and this led to a democratic revolution in Spain.
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    How dystopian is the Russian State? Is a inter power struggle or a civil war possible? I mean Savinkov is likely to die at a soonish time, and there are certain different vestiges of the state such as the Yuramiya, Combat Squads, army and whatnot. Also, while Savinkov isn't the most evil leader, many within the state are messed up to say the least in my opinion, such as vladimir purishkevich, and other messed up members of the white movement who have done many attrocites, plus radicalized newer figures. Certainly the years of indoctrination have probably created very radical youth. National Renewalism, like many ideologies, may face very radical wings.
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    what happens in regards to Japan?
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    The Russian lore is quite WIP(a lot of lore I am reworking the basis of right now to avoid it from being too memey and derivative of other mods such as KN or TNO) but I will say that the Russian state is more akin to a Fascist equvilent of the Soviet Union than Nazi Russia. Russian civil war is a dead certain, through how it progresses depends on who takes power.

    However, here's some basic lore, which will also appear in my big lore post later on.

    After Savinkov died in 1953, he was succeeded by Dmitry Odinets(Natpop Khrushchev, died OTL in 1950 but lived longer here), Odinets was actually more moderate than Savinkov and allowed for a degree of liberalization. He also got unnerved around Romania being even more cursed mass murdering meathook boys and decided to cut ties with Romania, supporting a failed coup by Ion Antonescu against the Legionaries. However, Odinets was at the end of the day, still a dictator. His reforms inspired a wave of Prussian dissent against the military government imposed by the Russians. Initially he tolerated this dissent but then the Prussians wanted reunification and a "neutral" foreign policy. Once again tanks entered Berlin(the crushing of the Prussian revolution is TTL's Hungary analogue, and probably means that the slang "tankie" ends up in this universe as a derogatory slang directed against fascist bootlickers rather than Stalinists or people perceived as excessively sympathetic towards countries that the US is opposed to regardless of their human rights record).

    Odinets foreign policy is basically wanting a bipolar world order maintained by Russia and Britain, viewing the CoA and Bharyat(Red India) led Fourth Internationale, and potentially the Co-Prosperity Sphere as the greater threat. However, this led to him being too acquiescent towards British efforts to exert influence over the Middle East and as such there were a large number of hardliners accusing him of being the "senile old sellout in the Kremlin"(not helped at all by his age). This led to some sort of palace coup in 1964 that saw Andrey Dikiy(Natpop Brezhnev, but much more emboldened) become Vozhd and the Russo-Britain split over Iran. Dikiy was much more authoritarian, but he was able to expand Russia's influence in the world stage significantly. However his rule was hampered by the rise of secessionist, along with far-left terrorism as the 60s and 70s saw the escalation of decolonization and the emergence of various leftist movements.

    Dikiy died in 1977 and was suceeded by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn kept the status quo and was assassinated by a neo-Bolshevik terrorist on December 26 1991(yes, just happens to be the same time the OTL USSR died). He was succeeded by Dmitry Yazov, whom escalated the crackdown on secessionists and far-leftists. Yazov is still leader in 2010, but the Russian government is getting increasingly fragmented with reformists and even more extreme National Revolutionaries, along with far-left and pro-democratic forces all wanting a shot at power and secessionist movements being more emboldened despite the crackdown.

    As for the Civil War and the political options themselves, Yazov either retires or is killed somehow(maybe a massive terrorist attack on the Kremlin?) which would lead to a new leader being appointed by either the Kremlin or an emergency council if it's terrorist attack. The candiates include reformists led by Alexander Lebed that wants detente with the Co-Prosperity Sphere to launch a "Great Crusade" against socialism, a status quo candiate led by Sergei Shogu that can either maintain a more pragmatic foreign policy or take a more belligerent foreign policy(right down to allowing Zhirinovsky some influence in government), or the nightmare option: a extremely totalitarian and Nazi-esque coalition of hardline Eurasianists, Slavic ethnonationalists and ultrareactionaries, as well as the most extreme wings of the Combat Squads under the control of Alexander Dugin, whom I can describe as essentially "diet Himmler" with Schoner-esque policies of drowning the nations representing the "Atlanticist" Hydra(Japan, Britain, and CoA) in blood and enacting Eurasianism, through if a certain cursed figures appear in game and take over, he might take a less hyper militaristic policy and form an ultrareactionary alliance vs. the "Atlanticists".

    It's a bit like TNO but different. There is no "Lebed's Russia": It's either Lebed or Shogu vs. Dugin and any breakaway republic. The player I am planning to take decisions that can reduce the tensions in each possible breakaway republic, with Lebed's focuses being able to generate the most PP. In Lebed's case the civil starts with Dugin rallying some hardliners willing to go with his mad vision launching an insurrection and any dissatisfied republics taking the opportunity to secede. However if it's Shogu's Russia then you have to face a democratic-socialist coalition(Provisional Russian government), with the civil war started by a popular insurrection....which is taken advantage of by Dugin to launch his own coup and potentially much more secessionists(you'd be less able to generate pp). If Dugin is selected by the Kremlin/emergency council then all hell breaks loose. All his pre-war focuses cause a major hit in political power so every single secessionist group would break free, he is then overthrown by a junta(which will have same focuses with the status quo), rallies his followers under his banner(the Eurasian State). The junta also has to deal with the popular uprising.

    The provisional Russian governments, while it may have socialist paths, will not have insane "all Russians are Savinkovists" DSR-esque paths.

    Remains democratic and leads a democratic Co-Prosperity Sphere, but it has to deal with the PSA and China potentially wanting more influence in the CPS.
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    Are the ideologies still the same as in your first post on the kaiserreich thread or have there been changes?