Article on Op. ASSURANCE, Zaire, Oct-Dec 1996

Simon Massey [1998], "Operation Assurance: The Greatest Intervention That Never Happened", Journal of Humanitarian Assistance ,

I read this article while undertaking my thesis on the UN and humanitarian intervention under international law back in 2000. This article offers some counterfactual discussion of the refugee crisis in Zaire in late 1996, with the UN considering and authorising the deployment of a 10,000-strong Canadian-led intervention force to provide humanitarian aid for hundreds of thousands of Hutu refugees, but which in the end never occurred due to such an op already becoming unnecessary by the time it was ready to deploy. IIRC there was also a TIME mag article on the same subject.
Sure Matt, that link's busted, so just go to the JOURNAL OF HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE website (it's fairly easy to look up on Google or Yahoo- I think the address is and go to their 'Academic' index, where they've got a comprehensive listing of all articles- this 1's in Feb 98.
Man, just look up JHA on the Net, you'll be able to find the index under ACADEMIC. Sorry I haven't been able to provide a definitive address for this article.

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