Archangel Michael's Infobox Thread: AJND and other Odds and Ends

Anyway, to continue with my old series, the U.S. presidential election in 2132. These two are a bit different since Cislunaria and Translunaria are both states rather than commonwealths, and like the terrestrial states, have no commonwealth government. Both states are clusters of O'Neill cylinders located at Earth's L2 point (Cislunaria) and L3 point (Translunaria). However, due to the growing size of both states, there's been talk of converting both states to commonwealths with each habitat and cylinder becoming its own state. The population of both states used to be largely retirees and a few upper class mansions, but in the past 10-15 years, the demographics have begun to skew younger as more and more upper middle class Americans move permantely to the orbitals. The Senior Citizens Party is unique to both (though it has some presence elsewhere through electoral fusion), and its decision to run a Presidential candidate in 2132 was controversial. Republicans have traditionally had large support in both states, though the Democrats have been making small inroads.

And the earlier ones for Earth, Nearside and Farside

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Why hasn't the large jump in population in the Midwest neighboring states like Kentucky and West Virginia as much? Geography?
Sorry to make you mad at yourself, but the wikiboxes says Thurman's a Republican.
Fixed that.

Why hasn't the large jump in population in the Midwest neighboring states like Kentucky and West Virginia as much? Geography?
Because those upper south states are basically large, gentrified suburbs. Low density with high costs of living many upper middle class white collar professionals who work in the Sprawl. Modern commuting systems like high-speed maglev trains and nuclear jets make longer commutes easy.
Harrison Duvall is a former Minutemen commander who came to fame in the 2120s as an armored recon commander on Io during the Mutiny. After the Mutiny ended, he went to the Outer System and gained more fame as a Minuteman commander on Oberon. However, his political opinions became a liability since the the qiknis were generally peaceable and the U.S. government didn't really want to genocide them. After leaving the Minutemen, he held various seats in the Hippolyta Commonwealth Legislature until the Hippolyta Democratic Party told him to kindly bugger off. He stuck around as the leader of a far right party for a little but until he gathered up a bunch of his former soldiers and left to form their own United States, one best of human supremacy and racist left libertarianism.

J.D. Welk is a former theater and film actor out of Amazonia, HPY, HP. He originally started out on stage, but also began acting in movies filmed on Oberon, finding a niche as a popular and well liked action movie hero, primarily as the pulp hero Smash O'Hara in the film serial franchise by Frostbite Studios. However, his acting career took a nosedive due to his outspoken political views. He became a spokesman for Harrison Duvall and left to join him on his filibuster expedition to Vandalia, having used his own personal charm to secure financing and even support for it.

Duke Calderon is the Speaker of the Hippolyta State House and is one of the most powerful politicians in the state of Hippolyta. The Democrats hold a large supermajority in the House and a narrower majority in the Senate, so Calderon wields great power in his position. He was known for his well publicized feud with Harrison Duvall in 2134, and it is believed that Calderon's influence is what lead to Duvall losing renomination for the Commonwealth Senate in 2134. However, he's delegated some of his power recently following the mysterious disappearance of his eldest daughter, Adele, who disappeared just weeks before Harrison Duvall and J.D. Welk led the Long March to Vandalia.