Hey, my folks.

There has been quite some time I don't post here, or in the Forum generally (although I like to enter sometimes to see the threads on the pre-1900 section).

This time, here, I'm bringing some unfortunate news. Me and my wife had been expecting our first son since March, and he was born in the 22nd of October. Two days later, however, without ever leaving the hospital, he passed away. The circumstances were very traumatic, even more because we were surprised and appalled by the occurrence; he had been a very healthy child, and all the tests we did during pregnancy suggested he would be very well. We even have a grave and serious suspicion that his deceasing might have occurred due to medical errors during his period in the intensive care. In any case, me and my wife have decided to avoid dwelling or obsessing with the causes or the circumstances of his death, and to look forward to our future as a couple and to plan, in the future, for another pregnancy.

As you can imagine, his passing devastated us, and the past weeks, since the end of October, have been ones of mourning. We have been devoting ourselves to produce our own well-being, together with our families and loved ones, so we can find release from this sorrow. Right now we are on my mother-in-law's home, and by Christmas we'll be on my parents house to pass holidays.

Writing is a passion of mine, one I've been devoting myself too since I was young, from my 13 or 14 years of age, or so. This is, then, about half of my lifetime, as I'm nearing the 30s. And dedicating myself to this passion project that has been constructing this fictional world in this TL has been extraordinary, and is a project that I intend to see fulfilled as long as I have this sense of purpose and creativity to go on. However, right now, in this moment, I simply lack the physical and mental energy to continue. I do intend to resume writing some day near today; perhaps, with luck, some new update can be forwarded. However, I'll only do this if I genuinely believe I'm in a proper state of mind to sit down, write and conceive a good story. If it is not the case, I'll not do it, and I'll then prefer to postpone it to another opportunity, to when I'm actually feeling better about doing it, because I'd rather wait to create the best story I can write than to simply throw up a bad one.

Now, its a funny thing. I don't know anyone here by your real names, or faces, and neither where you live and how are your daily lives. But here in this Forum I have a genuine sense of community, of shared passion and of belonging, so much that I wanted to talk about this and, perhaps, this might even make me feel a little bit better in what has been the worst moments of my life. For anyone that has suffered through the loss of a loved one, I say too that I feel your pain and heartbreak, and hope that everywhere else, with those that you love, you too can find peace and comfort and can rediscover this ultimate meaning of life: that is to live with love, to give and to receive, and to appreciate the precious moments, short as they might be.
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How utterly tragic... I am so very, very sorry about what you and your family are going through.
Take all the time you need to recover! Life is after all way more important than fiction, even one as good as this. I hope things change for the better soon
Oh god, man, that's so terrible. I am so sorry, and can't begin to imagine what you're going through. You and your wife take all the time you need to heal and mourn - that's the important thing. When you are able to write and research again, we'll be here waiting. Until then, and I think I'm speaking for all of us here - if you need anything at all (a friendly ear, help with a fundraiser, anything) just let us know.

That's unfortunate, my father died only about a month ago, it was, is, devastating, I know how you feel, and I hope you can work through it. This was the story that introduced me to this community, which while sometimes it's disappointing, it has been the best online community that I think I've ever been apart of, and I can't ever be grateful enough. No one should go through that, least of all you, you've personally brought me so many happy memories through writing, and I'm sure many other people have been brought even happier ones because of your writing, and without you, my world would be a little darker. When, you come back, we'll all be waiting to continue reading your fantastic story; though you probably don't remember me, so these words probably won't carry any of the impact that I intend them to have.

I hope that you have a happy holiday season, you deserve that much at least.
Holy fuck, that is a nightmare. I'm scared for something to happen to my kids, so I can somewhat relate (but not close). Take care of your wife and yourself, hope neither of you blames him/herself. Please also be open for professional help, goodwilling loved ones can't do the same. <3
Im so sorry to hear what you and your wife have been through. Thats something no parent should have to go through. Please focus on your guys' own personal healing. We've been patient up to now, and will continue to be so regardless of how much time it takes. Your life must always take priority, esspecially now.

Again, condolences. I pray for your happiness friend.
I don't know what to say, except that I am so incredibly sorry for your great loss Rdffigueira. Don't worry about this continuing this timeline right now or pleasing us, we can wait. You and your family are what is important right now, so please take as much time as you need to mourn and recover.