AHC/Wi: Sino Japanese allaince- plausiblity and effects

Prior to Japan going nuts Chinese intellectuals had fairly decent relations with them. In the event that China avoids fragmenting- say Uuan Shikai dies earlier, and Sun Yat Sen relatively smoothly seize power, and lives a vit longer than OTL- assuming also that perhaps the soviets are more potent, say avoiding the kerensky offensive, leading to a much scarier USSR menacing the Chinese border. There were warlords (IIRC the one the IJA killed in Manchuria...) were reasonably comfortable as loose jaapnese clients, and under the right circumstances I can see an Entente cordiale sort of agreement developing between the two countries.

Really I think it comes down to internal politics in Japan. Specifically strengthening the navy at the cost of the army, by firmly discrediting the latter- say a defeat in manchuria (or worse showing) during the Russo Japanese war, or a stronger anti russian intervention going sour.

Sort of a half formed thing but I'm curious about unconventional WW alliances and this is one that sort of stuck in my mind at the moment.
I actually had this be sort of part of a DBWI I made where Japan and the USSR are on different sides. With the PRC basically being the USSR's puppet in China.