AHC Soviet survival post the fall of the iron curtain

Have the Soviet Union survive as a entity in the aftermath of the fall of the iron curtain. In a scenario where eastern european states establish themself independantly from the Soviet Union, aswell as experiences a political shift similar to OTL. The Soviet Union on the otherhand remains communist or atleast nominally comunist similar to China, Cuba, North Korea, Laos or Vietnam.

What would the Soviets need to do to preserve their state? Could it be done? What kind of measures would be needed to preserve the state? What kind of policies would the Soviet enact? Which policies would the population want? Would the Soviet state listen to the people or do what it thought was the best even inspite of popular opinion?

What would be the short and long term economic effects on Soviet continuation after 1991? What kind of economic polices would be used by the Soviet Union? What kind of economic culture would the surviving ATL Soviet Union have? Would there be much corruption? Would the Soviets attempt to crack down on corruption? Would they be succesfull, or as succesfull as Georgia had while Mikheil Saakashvili presided.

What would be the short and long term cultural effects on Soviet continuation after 1991?

What would be the short and long term religious/faith/life philosophy effects on Soviet continuation after 1991? Would the policy on religion be liberalised? Would Islam and Christianity have had as big a comeback as in OTL? Would the state begin to reimburse religious organisations?

How would the demography of the Soviet Union be affected by a continued Soviet Union?

Could the Soviet fight the drug, alcohol, suicide, crime and accident epidemic in the Soviet area?

What would be the Soviet policy on migration? Would they allow the massive outflow of skilled individuals? Would they have internal borders preventing migration between different Soviet state?