AHC: Keep southern states more culturally southern

Well first you'd need to have no air conditioning, that would greatly reduce migration.

Also having politicians in the 60s raise taxes because of populism would likely help as well.

Also if the south never integrated or integrated significantly later, companies would be less inclined to move to the South and with it other people. If for example Fred Vinson had stuck around for a few more years its likely Brown vs Board would be 5-4 in favor of Segregation.
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Run California better so that there's no outpouring of Californians looking for other somewhat hot coastal places they can turn into California.

Alternatively run California even worse, to the point that the former Californians have no desire to recreate California.
Henry flagler did a lot to build up South Florida and drain the swamps, maybe have him not bother or have TR try and protect it more would do a lot for Florida,
Eh, I dunno. Florida was gonna be developed eventually, getting Flagler out of the picture or having some more conservation areas might delay things or prevent some of the OTL development (respectively), but I don't know how much of a difference it'd make in the long run.
maybe for VA have more Virginians fill the DC metro jobs
How, though? The nationwide nature of the federal government and the high qualifications expected of many government and government-related jobs both exert strong pressures towards bringing in people from all over, I don't see how you'd counteract this.
One thing I thought of is after the civil war maybe the capital is moved somewhere else, maybe in ohio or illinois and that butterflies away the DC development
No television. No air conditioning. No national chains. No Interstates. Keep the South (and for that matter the rural lower midwest) geographically, economically and culturally isolated.