AH Challenge: Italian-Polish War of 1941-

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    BBC Announcer: At dawn this morning, reconnaissance units of the Italian 3rd Division crossed the border with Poland, and engaged Polish border defences. The Polish army's response has been hampered by large numbers of fleeing civilians who have blocked major roads. Nonetheless, Major-General Stanislaw Sosabowski of IV Corps has informed the BBC that Italian bombers have been repelled by Polish fighter squadrons. He denied reports of Italian paratroop landings along the Danube, and claimed that Poland's armed forces were prepared to deliver a devastating counterstrike. The British government has declared its opposition to the outbreak of hostilities, and is attempting to mediate between the two sides.

    Your challenge is to craft a war between Poland and Italy beginning in 1941 with a PoD on or after 1st January, 1900. The specifics are up to you. Other large powers may be involved later on, but not at the start.
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    The Germans manage to launch a better summer offensive in 1918. A sort of a ceasefire is signed, re-establishing the balance of powers and the arms-race of 1913.The Germans, desiring to ensure their longlived controll over eastern Europe, use Poland as a base of operations in the region. Poland is largely developed in this era, and becomes a powerful, industrious ally/protectorate of Germany.In the early 30s, after limping on for a decade, the great depression marks an end for Austria-Hungary.The peoples of the fallen empire, now re-armed, engage in a brutal series of civil wars (greater version of OTL Yugoslav wars). Poland quickly annexes OTL Czekoslovakia (though Germany gets Bohemia).The British and French zealously protect the Balkan peoples. Germany wants to intervene on behalf of Austria, but cannot fight the entente powers because this may spark another Great War. So the Germans send their Polish army into battle.After a few years of warfare, Polish troops controll nearly a third of Hungary (westermost third) and are still positioned in various territories officially controlled by Austria.The Italians invade and annex OTL Slovenia and several other Alpine territories.Polish and Italian troops accidentially enagage each other several times.The situation in the Balkans, Middle-East, and Africa results in the short-lived "Influence War" between Germany and Britain & France. Hostilities are quickly ended in order to avoid another horriffic Great War. However, Germany loses alot due to the treaties (opposed to Britain and France who gain).No longer influencial in the Balkans, the Germans annex Austria and retreat from that international scene.Poland is left as dominator of the northern Balkan area, but is rivalled by Italy.Britain supports neither, but France supports Italy.The Poles and Italians engage in an arms-race and extensive territorial arguements. To strengthen their claim for sovereignity in the region, the Poles annex their Hungarian and Austrian territories, bringing-in their own population.At one point, the Italian fascist leader Benito Mousillini comes to power.Agressive, the Italians seek to diminish Poland's influence once and for all.
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    Some Poles between the wars had the dream of a Polish-dominated Third Europe from the Baltic to the Black Sea and Adria. (And Molobo still has today, probably :)) If they're somehow successful, they could indeed clash with Mussolini's Italy.
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    A fragmented Russia without the Red Armies, allowing the Poles to over-run much of they did in OTL but this time in a purely offensive land-grab, also taking over Lithuania as the German-backed government falls. Then, in a strong position and with no enemies in the East to bother with, over-running the defeated Germans in the West to take what they ended up with in 1945 more or less.

    A smaller militaristic Germany rebuilds and in concert with Italy over-runs and devours Czechoslovakia, this time with Slovakia going into the Italian sphere. You could see Italy and Germany then go on to invade Poland

    Not sure what to do about the Danube though, unless Poland has had to move into Hungary to intervene and restore order, some such

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