2010 US Presidential Election

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nbs.com, Monday January 21st

Bail Confirms Presidential Run

The Democratic Presidential race appears to be becoming an increasingly female affair after former Ohio Governor Josie Bail confirmed that she would be seeking the party’s nomination for President.

Bail becomes the fourth confirmed candidate, joining Governor’s Billie Atkins and Kate Crossley and Congressman Kellen Cahill. Former Virginia Senator Brian Cambridge has also announced that he is exploring a run.

Congresswoman Bail, who was the youngest Governor in Ohio history, made her announcement on Saturday morning at a local park and was surely encouraged by the local response she received.

Campaign manager Gus Brackett appeared on Capitol Beat this morning saying “Governor Bail is getting into the race because she has a strong belief that the President is taking the country in the wrong direction, she won’t stand on the sidelines as he attempts to gut every safety net that the middle class has.”

With the field taking shape it’s clear that a number of outsider candidates such as Atkins, Bail and Cahill genuinely believe that the race is wide open and that this could very well be the time for an upstart campaign.
thehill.com, Monday January 21st

Intrigue over Thorn Decision

An email exchange between two leading Democrats has thrown up a number of questions surrounding the decision of New York Senator Andrew Thorn to pass on a Presidential run in 2014 with a suggestion that he had in fact decided that he would run before a eleventh hour about face.

The notes that were leaked over the weekend came from an exchange between Democratic Pollster Al Kiefer and strategist Matt Flood and took place over two or three days.

The exchange appears to suggest at that Thorn had decided to run, before suddenly changing his mind a week later.

From: Kiefer, Al
Sent: 2 January 2013 19:50
To: Flood, Matt
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Hey Matt, hope you’re well.

Hearing that Thorn is reconsidering and now thinks that a run is possible.

Have you guys heard anything?



From: Flood, Matt
Sent: 2 January 2013 20:32
To: Kiefer, Al
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Al – hearing much the same. He’s meeting Daschowitz and Lewis tomorrow.

Seems he thinks Crossley’s message might resonate but she’s not the one to deliver it!

Will let you know if I hear more. How’d he poll?


From: Kiefer, Al
Sent: 3 January 2013 07.17
To: Flood, Matt
Subject: Re:Candidates?

He still polls at or near the top of the field. Last numbers vs. Walken he’s behind but better than most, but those numbers are old.

Seems he’s expecting the SEC case to be finished soon with the whole thing being dropped.

From: Flood, Matt
Sent: 3 January 2013 11.25
To: Kiefer, Al
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Apparently Dasch & Lewis are with him. He’s meeting Parker tomorrow – guessing if he backs him then he’ll really think about it.

Hearing that Newell has a number of big meetings planned for next week in D.C. – Thorn is one of them!

From: Kiefer, Al
Sent: 5 January 2013 16.55
To: Flood, Matt
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Hey Matt,

Just reading this, sorry been hit with the flu the last couple of days. Met Anne Stark this morning at a convention – she’s saying that they don’t think Thorn’s running, not sure if they’ve got inside info or they haven’t heard about his recent activity (probably the former).

I’m meeting Governor Newell next week when he’s hear – sounds like he’s serious.



From: Flood, Matt
Sent: 5 January 2013 17.07
To: Kiefer, Al
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Not sure what Stark’s hearing but spoke to Lewis staffers last night – apparently Gov ML will endorse if he runs, and he’s leaning that way.

Might announce as early as next week.

Off the Aspen tonight – speak when I get back.

From: Flood, Matt
Sent: 12 January 2013 07.11
To: Kiefer, Al
Subject: Re:Candidates?


Presume I’m not the only one hearing that AT is running – heard he met Bruno last week, and they’ve bought up all the domains around Thorn2014. Any truth?

Seems like he’s thinking about announcing next week.

Oh – one note from Aspen, Otto seems to think that Pres. Bartlet not doing well, really struggled at Liz announcement last week.


From: Kiefer, Al
Sent: 12 January 2013 07.20
To: Flood, Matt
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Yeah, he’s in. Apparently he’s meeting Richardson tonight. Parker’s told him he’s not running (health apparently).

We’re polling already, so is Joey.

Heard that Dylan is apoplectic, and Crossley’s wants to go negative on him already.

From: Flood, Matt
Sent: 13 January 2013 14.22
To: Kiefer, Al
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Did you get the note from Lyman? Is he serious?

From: Kiefer, Al
Sent: 13 January 2013 14.25
To: Matt Flood
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Sounds like he is. Not sure why, guess he must be worse than we thought.

From: Flood, Matt
Sent: 13 January 2013 22.05
To: Kiefer, Al
Subject: Re:Candidates?

What the hell happened at the meeting with Richardson. Sounds like AT announcement is now a pass.

From: Kiefer, Al
Sent: 13 January 2013 22.42
To: Flood, Matt
Subject: Re:Candidates?

Hearing a lot of stuff, but he just spoke to Dasch, it’s definitely a no.


Despite numerous attempts neither Mr. Kiefer nor Mr. Flood were available for comment

Monday January 21st 2013

Crossley campaign rushes new advert onto website using e-mail from "Kiefer-gate"

The Crossley campaign has leapt onto the offensive over leaked e-mails from Senior Democratic Pollster Al Kiefer and strategist Matt Flood over the entry of New York Senator Andrew Thorn into the Presidential race.

Within two hours of the leaked e-mails being put on the internet, the Crossley campaign had already produced an advert using the quote from Matt Flood quoting Senator Thorn "Crossley’s message might resonate,but she’s not the one to deliver it" The advert asks "why don't you deliver it then Senator"? adding "Governor Kate Crossley, the right message for America".

Sources close to the Crossley camp say that believe that e-mail leak helps them "it shows despite what many in the party are saying we have a winning message" adding "frankly many in the party establishment are scared of our message and the Governor's campaign".

Monday January 21st 2013

Cambridge "Atkins hiring of Ziegler a disgrace"

Former Virginia Senator Brian Cambridge today attacked the appointment by the Billie Atkins Presidential campaign of former White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler as Campaign Director.

Talking to reporters whilst campaigning in Des Moines, Iowa this afternoon he said "Her (Atkins) hiring of Ziegler is a disgrace. That man should be in prison for what he did, leaking national secruity information, he should not be running a Presidential campaign". He refused to be drawn on the other big political story of the day, the so-called "Kiefer-gate" e-mail leaks regarding New York Senator Andrew Thorn "It's a non-issue , Senator Thorn has chosen not to enter this race, that's up to him, I am not interested about taking about someone who isn't even in this election".

On a side issue Cambridge's Campaign Manager former White House Chief of Staff, CJ Craig, and a former close friend of Ziegler, and the person he is believed to have confessed the leaking of the shuttle information to in August 2006 refused to take any questions about his re-entry into Democratic Presidential politics.

On the campaign trail Cambridge cuts a relaxed figure, he is a likable and charming, and seems to be staying on message at the moment, namely the theme of his campaign that he is the only Democrat that can beat President Walken in the General Election, and that there needs to be "less talk and more action", indeed he has taken the Elvis song "A Little Less Conversation" as his campaign song.
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Tuesday January 22nd 2013

Breaking News Breaking News Breaking News

FBI officers raid Congressional Office of Former Congresswomen Andrea Wyatt

We understand in the last few minutes FBI officers have raided the Office of Former Congresswomen Andrea Wyatt. It is understood that Andrea Wyatt was not present. Her current wareabouts are unknown.

A statement was made by the FBI stating "documents & computers have been seized in an on-going investigation by the FBI, there will be no other statements at this time".

They are rumors on the Internet that the investigation is in some way linked to the Shuttle leak of 2006 in which Mrs Wyatt's former husband Toby Ziegler admitted to a month later.
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Tuesday January 22nd 2013

Breaking News Breaing News

Arrest Warrant issued for Wyatt as FBI now believe she leaked Shuttle information

In an amazing turn of events the FBI has a few minutes issued an arrest warrant for Maryland Congreswomen Andrea Wyatt. At a press conference at FBI headquarters Director Marcus Blakemore confirmed that it is belived that it was then Congresswomen Wyatt that linked the existence of the Militray Space Shuttle to Greg Brock of the New York Times in 2006 and not her former husband Toby Ziegler.

"After new eveidence came to light in the past few days, and the admitance of dr Ziegler than he covered up for his ex-wife, we have today issued an areest warrant for Congresswomen Andrea Wyatt" Director Blakemore said, adding "we believe that the former Congresswomen has taken her two children Huck and Molly with her. She was last seen collecting the two children, both nine years old from there School in Baltimore. She did return home after that".

There as yet to be any comment from Toby Ziegeler regarding the days dramtic events.
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I thought Wyatt was a former Congresswoman. I thought she gave up her house seat in 2010 to run for Senate.

She is a former Congresswoman. Obviously, CNN is mistaken and probably referring to Wyatt's personal offices. Wyatt's 8th Congressional District is held by Benjamin Emanuel (at least it was in the 2011-2013 term, no reason I can see for it to shift into Republican hands).

Perhaps Wyatt has a top job within the DCCC, and her "congressional offices" refers to the office space where she's preparing candidates for the 2014 elections.

Toby Ziegler: "My wife has turned herself in. But she is innocent."
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toby Ziegler, former White House Communications Director, and the prominent figure behind the 2006 Shuttle Leak, appeared at a press conference in Providence, Rhode Island late yesterday evening.

After admitting his wife had turned herself over to federal authorities, he added, "These... allegations against my wife are unfounded and completely fabricated. I readily admit my sole responsibility in the leaking of classified information in the summer of 2006, and the charges being filed against my wife appear to be politically motivated."

Ziegler went on to add, "I am heading back to Washington at this time, and I will not be taking any questions."

Ziegler's trial in late 2006 effectively ended the investigation into other sources of the leak. Ziegler himself was sentenced to five years in prison, but was given a full pardon on January 20, 2007 before any time was served. President Santos and initially President Walken publicly refuted the idea that they would reopen the investigation or any possibility that others were involved in the 2006 leaking of the existence of Patriot, the then-top secret military space shuttle.

In 2010, Ziegler released his autobiography More Than Words, which contains several passages implying that Ziegler was covering for another individual. It appears that the current FBI investigation was initially open following the release of that book. Ziegler's statement at today's press conference seems to contradict what was published three years ago.

Prior to Andi Wyatt's arrest, public speculation in the Shuttle leak centered around President Bartlet, White House Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg, or Ziegler's late brother, astronaut David Ziegler.
thehill.com, Thursday January 24th

Atkins Campaign In Crisis Over Ziegler Drama

The fledgling Presidential campaign of former Rhode Island Governor Billie Atkins was in turmoil last night as it threatened to be overrun by revelations surrounding recently installed advisor Toby Ziegler and his former wife Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt.

With news that the FBI wanted to question Wyatt in connection with the 2006 White House Shuttle Leak scandal, focus increased on Mr Ziegler who had only last week made a well documented return to front line politics, agreeing to work on Governor Atkins campaign.

Yesterday afternoon Wyatt handed herself into police and released a statement denying internet rumours that she had attempt to flee the country. Mr Ziegler insisted that the new investigation was baseless and that he had already admitted that he was the source of the leak.

All of this draws unwanted attention to Governor Atkins potential campaign. She has already courted controversy with suggestions that she brought forward her initial campaign announcement in attempt to capitalise on the assassination of Chicago Mayor Byron McAlster.

The Atkins campaign were trying to keep a low profile last night, issuing a statement saying “Governor Atkins is comfortable that Mr Ziegler can play a key role both in her campaign and in America’s future. We appreciate at this time that he needs to focus on his family and expect him back with the campaign towards the end of next week.”

Two candidates who have declared their intentions to run were quick to jump on the story. Former Ohio Governor Josie Bail called the news “Disturbing” adding “I have to say I was surprised that Governor Atkins brought Mr. Ziegler onto her team and I think she needs to take a long look at whether he can offer anything to the conversation in the Democratic Party with his chequered past.”

New Jersey Governor Kate Crossley, who polling suggests is emerging as an early front runner issued her own statement calling on Atkins to “move on from Mr. Ziegler and to focus on addressing the issues that effect Middle Class America.”
politico.com, Thursday January 24th

Walken Weighing Shuttle Leak Enquiry

Sources close to the White House are suggesting that President Walken is strongly considering launching an enquiry into the 2006 White House Shuttle leak with new revelations that former White House Communication Director Toby Ziegler may not have been the leak all along.

Former New York Times White House correspondent Greg Brock, who reported the story at the time refused to be drawn yesterday on news that former Congresswoman Andi Wyatt was being questioned by the FBI following new developments in the case. An FBI spokesman confirmed last night that the investigation had been quietly reopened following revelations in a book published by Mr Ziegler.

If Walken does indeed order an enquiry there are a number of major implications on former White House staff and on a number of potential Democratic Presidential candidates. An enquiry would likely focus on former President Bartlet as well as his former Chief of Staff CJ Cregg who is now a senior advisor to Senator Brian Cambridge – one of the front runners for the Democratic nomination.

White House Press Secretary Kate Moore refused to comment last night saying only “As far as we are concerned this is a matter for the FBI.”

Thursday January 24th 2013

Robert Richardson to stay us Liberal Democrat "acting leader" until party conference in September

It has been announced that Robert Richardson who has been acting leader for the last five weeks since the regisnation of Emma Dean will stay as the parties leader until September.

Richardson will oversee the local elections and the European Referedum due to be held in May.

Saturday January 26th 2013

Wilson refuses to answer Presidential questions

With most of the political world this week focused on "Kiefergate" and the arrest of former Congresswomen Andi Wyatt, another story that has been mostly overlooked is the continued refusal of Maine Senator Stephen Wilson to answer the questions regarding a possible Presidential bid.

Reporters who have called his Senate office, have been given the line "Senator Wilson is working hard for the people of Maine" and "no expected announcement for a Presidential run". Indeed the Senator himself has kept a low profile this past week.

Wilson has been coming up increasing pressure to make a decision either way about joining the nomination race with several Democrats saying as his lost lots of ground already to the likes of Crossley, Atkins & Cambridge he should be getting to race as soon as possible.
Blakemore: "I'm launching an internal investigation."
Saturday, January 26, 2013


The nametag says "FBI Director"

This morning FBI Director Marcus Blakemore gave a brief statement to the press, in response to Congressman Elijah Mays' remarks yesterday that the House Oversight Committee will be starting an inquiry into the FBI's investigation of the 2006 shuttle leak.

Blakemore, on the defensive, stated that while he has faith in the federal agents working the case, he will launch an internal investigation regarding rumors that the brief arrest of Andrea Wyatt was politically motivated. Wyatt was arrested three days after her ex-husband, Toby Ziegler, made national news when he became director of the Billie Atkins presidential campaign.

Andrea Wyatt, Toby Ziegler, and their two 9-year-old twins, are currently residing in Wyatt's Bethesda home, and have asked for their privacy during this time.

Breaking party lines, Senate Governmental Affairs Committee member Dan Kalmbach has publicly called the investigation a result of "political overzealousness," and stated he'd be open to a Senate investigation. However, Committee Chairman Henry Malken has confirmed he does not see a need at this time.

Monday January 28th 2013

Cahill meets with Ted Marcus

Conressman and Presidential candidate Kellen Cahill has had a three hour meeting with movie mogul Ted Marcus in regars to the Democratic Primary campaign.

Marcus has threatned to enter the Presidential race himself unless he finds a candidate he could supprt. Its belived Cahill meet with Marcus for three hours on Sunday at Marcus mansion in LA.

A source close to Cahill said "The two men had a long chat about everything from Global Warning, Gun Control, to the economy and the future of the Democratic Party".

A spokesman for Marcus confirmed the meeting but declined to add anything regards to the content of the talks between the men.
Political Bio's.com
Kellen Cahill

Born April 15th 1971 in Santa Fe Springs, California. After graduating High School in 1989 he attended the University of California, Santa Barbara obtaining a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management leaving in 1994.
He joined the Global Defense Council in 1995 where he became an outspoken critic of the Energy policy of the Lassiter Administration as Director of Communications. By 2000 he had became Chief Operating Officer. In 2002 he resigned from his job and ran for Congress as a Democrat in the 38th District in California, the won the election with over 83% of the vote.
Since being in Congress he has been outspoken critic on Global Warming and Climate Change, calling it in 2007 “the greatest threat to the planet, the world has ever seen”. In 2008 he upset many in the British Labour Party by praising former Conservative Prime-Minister Margret Thatcher as the first World Leader to bring up the issue of Climate Change at the UN in 1988. “I am of course opposed to many of her basic policies, she was a Conservative, I am a Liberal but she was the first World Leader to bring up the issue of Climate Change, and understand its threat, for that she should be praised”.
He serves on the House Government Oversight and Reform, Natural Resources Committees.
On other issues he is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-gun control. He is also a supporter of Immigration Reform. He supported the Camp David Accords in 2005 and refused to openly attack then Californian Senator and GOP Presidential Candidate Arnold Vinick even after the San Andreo Nuclear Accident saying “we disagree on many things, and Nuclear Power is one of them but his record of public service for our state is for all to see, he is a decent man”.
On Monday December 17th he announced that he was forming an Exploratory Committee in regards to the 2014 Democratic Presidential nomination.
He married his child hood sweat heart, Anne Mason in 1998, and they have two children Claire born in 1999 and Simon born in 2003.
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New York Times, Monday, January 28, 2013
Bartletistas rally around Wyatt & Ziegler; Seaborn calls out Crossley Over Ziegler comment

Yesterday, the Sunday shows all seemed to book various staffers and advisors to former President Bartlet, for more in depth coverage of the Ziegler-Wyatt case. Previously, New Jersey Governor and presidential primary candidate Kate Crossley stated that fellow candidate Billie Atkins should fire Toby Ziegler. On Meet the Press, California Senator Sam Seaborn stated the following in response:
The idea that Toby is disqualified or even a distraction because of these two-bit allegations is outrageous. He is one of the brightest American political minds in the field today, and the Atkins campaign is undoubtedly jumping for joy in obtaining him. It looks like Governor Crossley is trying to drum up controversy in a clearly personal matter.

I understand the reservations made by the likes of Senator Cambridge, that the space shuttle crisis is something to be forgotten. Maybe it's best that we get it out of our system, finally. But, this FBI investigation seems to be without merit and entirely too convenient with the timing. And while I'm sure Crossley isn't working with the Justice Department, she isn't doing anybody any favors. Least of all herself.

The statement marked a change of pace from Seaborn's earlier comment that the Atkins campaign shouldn't be in the running this year or his rumored support for the campaign of Governor Crossley.

On The Chris Matthews Show, CNBC host Annabeth Schott offered her condolences to the Ziegler-Wyatt family, and echoed many of the statements made by Seaborn. Not referring to either Cambridge or Crossley by name, she stated that the "recent attempts to blacklist Toby Ziegler are the very reasons we won't unite as a viable party next year." She went on to state that all the campaigns will be more hesitant to speak out on what is "clearly an ongoing investigation."

On Capitol Beat, DNC Chairman Josh Lyman refused to comment on Toby Ziegler despite being asked several times by host Mark Gottfried. Instead, he commented on the recent Kiefergate scandal and his own mention in the e-mail leak. On a Face the Nation panel, Congressman Will Bailey, Ziegler's successor as White House Communications Director, stated that the entire affair was being politicized and everyone should just be "running the country, running a campaign, or running their mouth, nothing inbetween."

Former White House Media Director Mandy Hampton was set to appear on State of the Union, however she reportedly cancelled at the last moment.
politico.com, Tuesday January 29th

Casey Tells Friends “I’m not running in 2014”

Connecticut Senator Chris Casey has reportedly reached a decision on whether or not to seek the Presidency in 2014. Sources close to the Senator and former Governor say that he has decided that he won’t run – a move that many expect will kick start the candidacy of Maine Senator Stephen Wilson.

Speculation has been rife for months over the intentions of the so called “New England Gang of Four” – a group of influential Senators (George Englemann, John Huntingdon, Chris Casey and Stephen Wilson) who form somewhat of a political and voting bloc in the Senate. It’s long been believed that only one of the group would formally run for President, a claim apparently substantiated by sources.

There is no suggestion as of yet of a formal announcement from Casey, but with former Governors Kate Crossley, Billie Atkins and Josie Bail all well and truly in the race for real some think the window could be closing for Wilson to cast his hat into the ring.

Senator Wilson’s office refused to be drawn on the speculation saying “The Senator hasn’t heard any of this rumour, and is getting on with his job in the Senate.”
Ohio Congresswomen & former Governor Josie Bail and 2014 Democratic Presidential candidate.

(photo by Helen Hunt)
Note this is a re-casting from Christina Applegate, as myself & Disputed think she is far too young.
nbs.com, Tuesday January 29th

Richardson “Talked Thorn out of run”

In the light of the recent “Kiefer-gate” email story a number of questions remain unanswered, not least whether the claims in the email that Senator Thorn was set to announce his candidacy before a late night meeting with senior Democrats led to a sudden about face.

The story appears to have grown new legs this morning as Flick Donnolly, a former associate of Michael Daschowitz the former New York Senator appeared to confirm that Thorn has been put off running by outgoing House Majority Leader Mark Richardson.

Donnolly, who is a regular contributor on Capitol Beat told host Mark Watters that “he talked him (Thorn) out of running” when pressed by Watters over Richardson’s objective she said “I think he thinks that Thorn will be the standard bearer of the party come 2018 and that the Lucas Corp. discussion would be too fresh.”

As the story spread beyond the morning shows Ms. Donnolly appeared to attempt to walk back her comments saying “I was speculating. I don’t have any particular inside knowledge of that conversation.”

Richardson, for his part, refused to be drawn on whether he had pushed for Thorn not to run. Speaking to reporters he said “I’m not in the business of divulging private conversations, and I know you like gossip but I’m not interested in all that.”
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