2010 US Presidential Election

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The Washington Post
Newborn baby born to proud post-Presidential Parents
Friday, February 4th, 2011

At 6 PM EST, at George Washington University Hospital, Andrew Luis Santos, 7 lbs, 13 oz. was born to proud parents Matt and Helen Santos, the former First Couple. Andrew is their third child, and was delivered via caesarean section due to the lateness of the pregnancy and the mother's age (40).

The Santos couple received well-wishes from across the world, from Japanese Prime Minister Arata Kanzaki to Central African Federation President Jean-Luc Mugaba. The Santos' currently live in Alexandria, Virginia, until the end of the school year, at which point they plan to move back to Houston, Texas, presumably where work will begin on the Santos Presidential Library.

White House Press Secretary Bill Bradley said at a press gaggle shortly after news broke that President Walken congratulated Santos over the telephone and related a story about his own twin daughters' birth via c-section in 1989 under similar circumstances.
New York Times
Burke: 'Walken is a disgrace'
Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Wesley Burke, the former Governor of Alabama and noted religious politician, has denounced the Presidency of Glen Allen Walken after comments made by Press Secretary Bill Bradley indicated Walken was supportive of federal civil unions between same-sex partners.

Says Burke: "Acting President Walken has just moved himself to the left of Newman with that kind of remark. I'm sure he'll want to preside over some homosexual marriages himself!"

Walken amended the comment in a press release, stating he has always supported civil union law as a way of helping circumvent the troubling US tax code, and that he draws a distinction between civil unions, which provide the benefits of marriage, and marriage itself. Walken is against gay adoption.

Walken has received praise from the LGBT Equality Caucus, led by Congressman Jack Caton (D-CA) for the stance. He earlier got the ire of the American Christian Assembly for allowing Santos' Executive Order, temporarily repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' during times of national emergency, to continue, in order to assure a smooth confirmation for his Cabinet appointees.

Walken, however, has not gone totally liberal. When asked about abortion promises made on the campaign trail, Bradley revealed that the President was "seeking immediate repeal of Roe v. Wade through various methods, has met with several legal advisors, and has tasked Pete Ross to help lobby Congressmen towards pro-life legislation."
Senate Select Ethics Committee:

6 Total Members: 3 Democrats, 3 Republicans.

Chairman: George Wirth, R-Montana.
Vice-Chairman: John Huntingdon, D-Rhode Island.

Sam Wilkinson, R-Kansas.
Jay Cruger, R-New York.

Seth Gillette, Progressive Alliance-North Dakota.
Damon Matteo, D-Indiana.
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Saturday February 5th 2011

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Leaked e-mails from Number Ten Commuications Team in "Sunday Times" say that smears against Jay and Samuels where planned by Nick Maxwell

We are getting news in the last few minutes that e-mails appear in the "Sunday Times" tommorrow that say that whole "Daily Mirror" smear attacks against Nigel Jay and Richard Samuels came from an idea suggested by the Former Number Ten Commuications Director Nick Maxwell to his sucessor Oliver Laws, these e-mails came the day after the Prison Break from Wormwood Scrubs and four days before the story was ran by "The Mirror".
Of course Prime-Minister Green when questioned by Andrew Carter at last Wednesdays PMQ'S denied point blank, that his Government had anything to do with the stories.
Not further details yet.

Santos: Past, Present, and Future

Following the news broke that former President Matt Santos and his wife Helen were greeted with their third child, the former President surprised wetting when he announced on his twitter page he plans to release his memoirs within the coming months. To be titled, "Past, Present, and Future," he said it would go in depth about the economic crisis, dealing with a GOP senate for four years, and his own personal failings in regards to healthcare and education reform.

He went on to say that he has nothing but praise for the first two weeks of the Walken administration. "Glen has done a great job so far, and I wish him the best of luck for the rest of his term. Despite ideological differences, I like to think of the President as my friend."
List of Sunday Talk Show Guests:

Meet the Press, NBC: Congressman Noah Gellman, D-Virginia, House Majority Whip; US Senator Judi Rand of Louisiana; Detroit Mayor Brandon Fields on his new book, Beyond the Veil.

Face the Nation, CBS: Senator Morgan Mitchell, R-Pennsylvania; Congressman Herbert Walker, R-Connecticut; Senator Arthur Breech, D-Hawaii, Senate Majority Leader.

This Week, ABC: Congressman Antonio Rodrigues, D-Arizona; Former First Lady Chief of Staff Donna Moss; Congressman Lance McKey, Former Mayor of Denver and Denver Bronco.

FOX News Sunday, FOX: Congressman Paul Chang, D-Oregon, Candidate for Governor; Former Vice President John Hoynes; Congressman Riley Church, R-California.

State of the Union, CNN: New York Times Reporter Greg Brock; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, from Dallas (via Telelink); Senator Bill Daniel, R-Nebraska; Congressman Sean Adams, D-Massachusetts.

Weekend Edition, With Nate Bradshaw, MSNBC: Sophie Cain, Host of Straight Talk on FOX; Former White House Chief of Staff Nate Singer; Antares CEO Jake Kimball; Secretary of Labor Hawk Fuller.
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List of Sunday Talk Show Guests:

Meet the Press, NBC: Congressman Noah Gellman, D-Virginia, House Majority Leader; US Senator Judi Rand of Louisiana; Detroit Mayor Brandon Fields on his new book, Beyond the Veil.

Face the Nation, CBS: Senator Morgan Mitchell, R-Pennsylvania; Robert Bennett, CIA Director; Congressman Herbert Walker, R-Connecticut.

Bennett's making the rounds. Congressman McKey wasn't booked? I can understand anti-sports Simons VI.

(Also... Gellman as House Majority Leader?... You have the wrong congressman or the wrong title)
Bennett's making the rounds. Congressman McKey wasn't booked? I can understand anti-sports Simons VI.

(Also... Gellman as House Majority Leader?... You have the wrong congressman or the wrong title)

Changed it to Whip, dropped Bennett, forgot about McKey, so I added him.
cnn.com, Sunday, February 6th, 2010.

President Walken Holding First Informal Presidential Event-Super Bowl Watching Party.

President GlenAllen Walken will be holding his first informal White House event, a Super Bowl-watching party, with several Representatives, Senators and friends of the family attending the event.

Though Vice President Liz Clark had intended to be at the Super Bowl herself, held in Arlington, security concerns prevented her from attending. The Vice President will be attending the President's party, along with her husband, Harry Jackman.

Several Representatives will be present, including Nicole Henderson and Samantha Kennedy, who both represent the cities of Green Bay and Wisconsin, along with Senators Sean Quatermain of Wisconsin and Robert Royce of Pennyslvania.
Secretary of Defense Robert Kilner, Secretary of Labor Hawk Fuller and Secretary of the Treasury Stephen Kendrick will also be coming.

There will be close to 100 people attending, including several other members of Congress, some personal friends of the Walkens and Clarks, and members of the White House staff.

President Walken has not chosen a winner for the game.

Singer: "I'm running for Governor of South Carolina, and I'm gonna win too."

Former White House Chief of Staff and congressman Nate Singer was on The Weekend Edition with Nate Bradshaw today and made a stunning announcement. "There's been a lot of talk about my future in politics, you Nate, have asked me on your show before what I plan on doing, well here's the deal. I'm running for Governor of South Carolina, and I'm gonna win too."

Singer's announcement doesn't come as too big of a shocker, yet it was still stunning to many. Incumbent governor Christie Jackson is a democrat and has announced her plans to run for reelection. And many believed that Singer would hold off until 2014, at which time he could challenge Senator Harry Proctor (R-SC), but he has elected to run for Governor instead.

The democratic party has seen its strength in South Carolina strengthen in recent years, with President Santos carrying it in both of the past elections, and the election of Tim McCord in 2004 and his subsequent reelection this past November. Yet Jackson, who was elected on a post-Santos wave in 2007, does not have very high popularity ratings. They currently are sitting just above 40%, which is bad news for any incumbent. Singer obviously plans to capitalize on this. He's very close with both Senator McCord, and Congressman Sam McCord, the former's brother, who was elected to replace Singer following his promotion to the White House.

Singer has been covertly raising money and reestablishing connections in the state, all the while playing innocent. Now his path to the Governor's mansion is murky, starting with the sitting Governor, whom he must defeat in the primary. Then there is the general, in which attorney general MacKenzie Holt has recently pulled ahead in the GOP primary polling. The primary is on June 7th for both parties, and both parties have a lot to work out before then.
politico.com, Sunday, February 6th, 2010.

Gellman: "Social Issues Should Not Be On the Agenda."

Noah Gellman, the House Majority Leader, and a self-proclaimed "Blue Dog" said that President GlenAllen Walken should not be focusing on social issues at this time.

Responding to a question from David Gregory, regarding a statement from White House Bill Bradley that Counselor Pete Ross had been in contact with Congress in regards to pro-life legislation, Gellman said that "Pete has been in contact, it's true, but we've said that, as far as we're concerned, that should not be the focus at this time."

Gellman then went on to explain: "Now, I personally am against abortion-I'm on record with that, I've believed it for a long time, and I want to see the necessity for the procedure eliminated. But-And I speak for the entire Democratic leadership at this time-At this time, social issues should not be on the agenda. We as a nation need to be focusing on issues that matter for everyone, namely the economy and jobs, but also the debt, the deficit, energy issues, illegal immigration. These are the kind of things that we would like to work with the White House on, things that will show that we can get things done for the American people."

Gellman than went on to say that "Our goal at the moment is to ensure that spending is done on time. A lot of agencies have been running on CR's, and we want to end that, we want to make sure that the budget is passed on time, and that there's not a lot of unneeded money in it."
So here are some wikibars I have been working on

I will probably never get around to finishing the Gregg Institute Brief on the History of Russia from 1991 to present but I thought I would show you all these wikibars I had made.

Unfortunately things are a bit confusing in regards to very recent Russian history, Ivanovich was mentioned as PM. but only a few month previous it was Chigorin.

Chigorin, while only Defence Minister is still holding the reins behind Russia. Davydov is his media puppet and Ivanovich is his right hand man.


Dmitri Gorbachev (played by the guy that played Gorbachev in Rocky IV) NEW CASTING
Yuri Glaskov (played by Theodore Bikel) NEW CASTING
Pyotr Chigorin (played by Rade Šerbedžija) NEW CASTING
Nikolai Ivanovich (played by Ian McShane)
Valery Davydov (played by John Simm) NEW CASTING although for some reason I can't shake that I am missing a casting for him


Dmitri Gorbachev Since Gorbachev is in 1983 I thought it prudent to make him like George P. Bush. Named after an OTL person but not.

Yuri Glaskov Cosmonaut on Salyut 5. Defence Minister under Gorbachev. Yeltsin-analogue. Ousted from inner circle by Chigorin

Pyotr Chigorin Former KGB Officer. Prime Minister under Glaskov. Moderate and environmentalist. Selected to be TIME's Man of the Year in 2002, for solving the Russian Economic Crisis and maintaining his reforms and environmental policy. After re-election was over he selected Davydov to be his replacement as President, more as a media personality. Ivanovich was his lieutenant from the Glaskov era and became Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2003, following a successful Helsinki Summit with President Bartlet.

Nikolai Ivanovich Chigorin's Right-hand man, and almost certainly a future Russian President. Expert in Foreign Policy, and was Minister of Foreign Affairs for 5 years.

Valery Davydov Chigorin's Media puppet.

Thanks to Tim Thomason for his aid with the research


Note: Chigorin's pic is from the Helsinki Conference with President Bartlet in 2003. President Bartlet in overcoat scarf and fur cap were cropped out of the photo
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Good work on the Russia stuff, like the recent history in the UK, it is similar to the real world, but has enough differences to make it work.
Good work.

Cumberland: "Ehrlich has to go. Any Republican who says otherwise, needs to go."

Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ron Ehrlich, went before both the House committee on financial services, and the senate committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, to explain his moves over the course of the past two years in combating the Great Recession. Following which, freshman republican senator Mark Cumberland (R-TX) had a strong voice against the current Chairman.

"Mr. Ehrlich has done his very best to absolutely and utterly destroy the economy of the United States of America. His attempts to nationalize the failing banks in September of 2008 were rejected with good reason. It's socialism. Ehrlich has to go. Any Republican who says otherwise, needs to go. For that matter, if President Walken renominates Ehrlich to another term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, he should leave the Republican Party. Ronald Reagan and Owen Lassiter will be rolling in their graves if this happens."
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House Judiciary Committee:

39 Total Members: 21 Democrats, 17 Republicans, 1 Independent Democrat.

Chairman: Marvin Hallifax, California 1st.
Ranking Member: Brian Wayne, Florida 8th.

Russell Lewis, California 33rd
Barry Robinson, Illinois 2nd.
Rick Enders, Indiana 8th
Alan Trent, Massachusetts 8th
Judge Sam Weston, Maryland 2nd
Nathan Petrelli, New York 14th
Gregg Rockwell, New York 22nd
Jacob Klein, Pennsylvania 1st
Matt Claussen, Pennsylvania 8th
G.W. Li, Washington 1st
Bud Wachtell, Wisconsin 2nd
Jason Rios, Arizona 4th
Jack Stanton, Arkansas 2nd
Len Segal, Florida 3rd
Stoker Hanson, Georgia 5th (Independent)
Andrew Travis, Michigan 9th
Raymond Purcell, Mississippi 2nd
Justin Willis, Ohio 10th
Louis Pierot, Texas 2nd
Alexis Larroquette, Vermont AL
Thomas Monroe, Virginia 5th

MacKenzie Driefort, Alabama 5th
Mike Pinkerton, Florida 14th
Walt Peterson, Tennessee 4th
Tommy Ray Mitchell, North Carolina 5th
Todd Hitch, Kansas 4th
James Culkin, Arizona 2nd
Caitlin Fern, California 21st
Robert McAllister, California 48th
Callie Durling, Illinois 11th
Ray Riggleman, Illinois 18th
Jack Fowler, New Jersey 11th
Chris Franklin, Pennsylvania 19th
Kurt Cameron, Virginia 10th
Bobby Cornbaugh, Wisconsin 5th
Alan Sizemore, Georgia 10th.
Kevin Nix, Iowa 3rd

Judiciary Subcommittee Names, Chairs and Ranking Members:
Courts, Commercial and Administrative Law: Chair, Jack Stanton; Ranking Member, Chris Franklin.
The Constitution: Chair, Russell Lewis; Ranking Member, Callie Durling.
Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet: Chair, G.W. Li; Ranking Member, Alan Sizemore.
Crime, Terrorism and National Security: Chair, Len Segal; Ranking Member, Robert McCallister.
Immigration Policy and Enforcement: Chair, Bud Wachtell; Ranking Member, James Culkin.
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Wednesday February 9th 2011

Green tormented at PMQ'S as many Labour backbenchers looked shocked

Of course Andrew Carter had all the ammunition to lay "Mirrorgate" at the Governments door, but could he make it stick. The answer was yes. It was spellbinding performance from the Tory leader who in his six questions destroyed any credible defence Prime-Minister Green may have had, and he was helped by a woeful performace again by the Prime-Minister.
"A week ago, the Prime-Minister told this House, that he or no-one in his Government had anything to do what so ever, with the smearing of two Honourable members" cue laughs from the Tory benches "In light of the fresh evidence that has come to light since he said this, will he now retract those remarks, and apologise not only for his own handling of this affair, but also for the smears against two members of this House".
Green replied"no, no-one in my Government planned these attacks, they came from "The Daily Mirror" again I suggest you take it up with the Press Complaints Commission".
Carter was having none of that "Your Communications Director at Number Ten and his predecessor cocked his sordid little scheme up themselves, I say it again Your Communications Director e-mailed "The Daily Mirror", to suggest the lines of attack, and even down to payments to the young man that lied, how can you claim "Its nothing to do with me gov". No one in this House, or the country can believe a word you say anymore".
Green attempted to deflect attention back to policy "He might only want to talk about tittle tattle, I want to talk about policy, and the success of this Government, and making sure we have a sound economy, with falling unemployment, all he wants to talk about is tabloid headlines".
"I cannot believe that you as Prime-Minister have just said that, he wants to talk about policy, how about this for a policy, after he leaves this place, go and sack his Communications Director and then go to the Palace and the Queen to call a General election, so we can talk policy to the British people for the next four weeks. You will not do that. You said back in 1995 when we where in office that we "where the Government of the gutter, well this isn't a Government of the gutter, it is a Government of the sewer. If you can't even look after your own House, how can you hope to run the country".
If shouts of "more" Carter sat down, many, many Labour backbenchers looked shocked with the Prime-Minister's performace, with such a narrow majority in the House, we may be approaching the end game in this Parliament.
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skynews.com, Wednesday February 9th

Corbett: PM has no credibility left

Liberal Democrat leader Richard Corbett joined Conservative Leader Andrew Carter in calling on Prime Minister John Green to dissolve parliament and call for a general election amid more revelations about the government’s role in smearing two MPs.

Corbett told SKY News that “it’s time for the people to have their say on this government. They have long been a shambles, and now it appears that they are a dishonest shambles – the Prime Minister needs to let the people decide.”

The calls were echoed by two leading Scottish figures with Scotland’s Future leader Mark McCallum calling on the PM to resign and SNP leader, and Scottish first minister Rob Kelly saying that it was “time for an election”.

Green took a battering a Prime Minister’s Questions, and seems to be hanging by a thread. A poll this morning suggested that his party had fallen further behind the Conservatives, though still with enough support to remain the biggest party in the parliament.
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Wednesday February 9th 2011

Breaking News Breaking News Breaking News

Labour MP Ian Elliott to hold a press conference at 4.00 PM in House of Commons

Westminster is buzzing this afternoon after the Labour MP for Nottingham East, Ian Elliott has announced he is to hold a press conference in the House of Commons this afternoon at 4.00 PM.
There are rumours about what Elliott is going to say, some say it he is going to announce a challenge to the Prime-Minister, others say he is going to ask the Prime-Minister to stand down. We are not sure what is going on at the current time.
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Wednesday February 9th 2011

Breaking News Breaking News Breaking News

Elliott to "cross the house" and join Conservatives

Amazing news in the last few minutes, is that Labour backbench MP for Nottingham East, Ian Elliott has announced that he is leaving the Labour party and joining the Conservatives.
I don't think anyone saw this one coming. Many believed he would call for the Prime-Minister to call a General Election or for him to resign.

More as we get it.

Ian Elliott on the phone in the House minutes before his announcement
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