2010 US Presidential Election

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Hoyt to run for Senate

In an unsurprising announcement today, rising star and conservative favorite, congressman Travis Hoyt (R-PA) announced that he will seek the senate seat to be opened by Morgan Mitchell in the 2012 senate race. It has long been known that Hoyt has been seeking higher office, and now he finally seems to make the step.

The odd thing here, is that Hoyt recently became the ranking republican in the house on the budget committee. He's got a save seat, high approval ratings, and the eye of party elders. This race could very well change that. Pennsylvania went to President Santos in 2010 by a margin of 54-45 (although senate majority leader Robert Royce won 53-46 in his reelection), and it will likely be a much more difficult election climate. Both of the states senators, Royce and Mitchell, are widely seen as moderates, in contrast to Hoyt who is a member of the right wing of the party.

Democrats are looking keen on taking this set that has evaded their control since 2000, along with holding the governor's mansion, in 2012. No democrat has declared their intentions, but at least 3 prominent youngsters will run for either of them. Pittsburg mayor Jackson Kennedy has hurried his head in city work since his over-exposure during the summer somewhat tainted his image. But he seems ready for the challenge and if he runs for the senate, he's already got a good friend in DSCC chair Andrew Thorn.

The other major candidates are congressman Brandon Claussen and Brayden Green. Two young Pennsylvania democrats that couldn't despise each other more. Claussen, a Harvard educated, liberal son of a California supermarket tycoon, he hails from the left-wing end of the party. Greene is more of a reformer, born into a history of military men, joined the marines out of high school before attending Pennsylvania State on scholarship. He comes from the more moderate/centrist wing. And the two can't stand each other.

Hoyt's announcement was far from unexpected, but now it sets off the countdown to who else will run. On either side of the isle.
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You want to know what I'm working on.

1. I have a partially-completed (352 names!) list of members of the House by seniority.

2. I've been going through the thread (about a quarter-way through) picking out names of all the British MPs, trying to see if I can standardize a small list of what we know of their system.

3. I've been coordinating with one of the posters on questions he had regarding world leaders in the West Wing universe, including watching four different episodes two days ago looking for the mysterious French President "Trenier".

4. Another poster wanted me to make an image similar to my Countdown with Gabe Tillman image from last week. Also, another poster wants me to do another Countdown episode. Also, one of those two posters wants to know if I can make a cool-looking list of the House &/or Senate Leadership.

5. On top of that, I was kind of hoping to write something dealing with: Judi Rand, John Hoynes, Matt Santos, Glen Allen Walken/abortion/immigration/DADT, Special Elections in Illinois/Texas/New York, et cetera.

6. AND after all that, I was asked if anyone defined the cut-off between OTL Supreme Court and this timeline's Supreme Court. I've written about the Supreme Court before, and it's one of my interests, so curiousity got the better of me, and nine hours later:

Or to help visualize it better (with more text):

"Temple of Justice"
* Kevin Costner as Edward Appleton
* William Fichtner as Christopher Mulready
* William Hurt as Jackson Hoyt
* Edward James Olmos as Roberto Mendoza
* Charlotte Stewart as Marianne Brannigan
* Dawn Wells as Rachel Carmine
* Anthony Zerbe as Douglas Dreifort
* with Rip Torn as Patrick Lafayette
* and Glenn Close as Chief Justice Evelyn Baker Lang

Also starring
* Mason Adams as Joseph Crouch
* Morgan Freeman as Chief Justice Henry Staub
* Herb Mitchell as Henry Clark
* Milo O'Shea as Chief Justice Roy Ashland


Monday February 14th 2011

Nick Maxwell sacked by TALKSPORT

Nick Maxwell, the Former Director of Commications at 10 Downing Street has been sacked from his job as a Presenter on Talksport.
A statement released by the station that the presenter whose 10-1. morning slot had been the stations more listened to slot, had been "dismissed for bringing the station into party politics, and unacceptable behaviour".
Maxwell who was the mastermind behind the attempts to smear two Conservative Shadow Cabinet members two weeks ago, Richard Samuels and Nigel Jay was not available for comment.
politico.com, Monday, February 14th, 2010

Two Walken Judicial Nominees Hit Snags in Committee; Will Not Receive Votes on the Floor.

After a near-historic amount of smoothness in the confirmation of Cabinet and sub-Cabinet nominees, in which only six nominees were rejected or withdrew their appointments, the Walken Administration had it's first setbacks, when the Judiciary Committee said that it would not recommend a pair of judicial nominations for the Senate floor.

Susan Hatteberg and Judge R. Lawrence Beame were the nominees, and Hatteberg was turned down by a vote of 13-8, while Beane chose to withdraw his nomination.

Beame, a federal judge for the Federal District of Colorado, and nominee for the Ninth Circuit, looked to be heading toward the full Senate for a vote, as Democratic Senators Brett Logan of North Carolina and Jeremy Lyons of Wisconsin both indicated that they would be willing to vote him out of the committee. However, the Denver Post released a story stating that Beame had knowingly employed an illegal immigrant in his household from 1999-2004, and owed at least $20,000 in unpaid taxes. When committee Chair Howard Weston announced that he intended to recall Beame to answer to these allegations, Beame instead withdrew his nomination, stating only that "I have chosen to withdraw my nomination, to deal with personal issues at home. I thank President Walken for nominating me, and I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused him."

While Beame was something of a moderate judge, well-respected by his peers, the same cannot be said for Mrs. Hatteberg, who was nominated for a vacant seat on the Northern District of Alabama. A noted religious and legal conservative, Hatteberg, who serves as a professor at University of Alabama, was considered arrogant and aggressive during her hearings in the subcommittee, and was even more so in the full committee.

"She was just so arrogant," said one source within the Majority Counsel's office. "She acted like this entire thing was above her. She was outright rude to the Democratic members, and dismissive of the majority, like this entire thing was just a formality. And sometimes it is, but my goodness, she just took it to another level."

Hatteberg was, as stated, dismissive of the concerns of committee members, showing up late to one hearing and failing to provide several crucial documents, as well as interrupting both Senator William Wiley and Jeff Heston. As one source from a Democratic member's office stated, "More than that, she turned off a lot of people, talking about how any government regulation in any kind of business was an 'undue burden', that the Constitution gave citizens the right to overturn their government, and, probably most importantly, that there was no right to privacy in the Constitution and that homosexuality was, and I quote, 'A sin against God, being promoted by liberals, some of whom are on this committee, in order to destroy the American family, traditions and way of life.' I mean, wow. That's extremely out there."

Hatteberg was not sent to the floor of the Senate, as all 8 Democratic members of the committee, as well as Tom Landis of Delaware, Mark Ramsey of Minnesota, Jeff Heston of Utah, Jim Simon of South Dakota and Chairman Howard Weston of Nevada, all voted against Hatteberg.

When reached for comment, the White House declined a statement.

Several Top Republicans plan to attend CPAC next week.
Pictured here (l-r): House Minority Leader Jim Arkin (ID), Governor Alison Marshall (KY), businessman Paul Snider (HI), and Congresswoman Ruth Norton-Stewart (OH) at last year's CPAC. Marshall is portrayed by Hope Davis


Official Senate Portrait of Sam Whiteside (D-MD)
Well-wishers have flooded Bethesda Hospital with letters after hearing his condition has worsened.


An image of future Congressman Charles Widen (R-PA) with his political mentor President Gerald Ford
taken circa 1975


Senate candidate Hayden Straus (D-OH) and House Majority Whip Noah Gellman (D-VA)
seen here at an event shortly after the opening of Congress


Speaking of Noah Gellman...
Here is he is with fellow Congressman Edward McBain (D-MN). Rumor has it, they served in the military together (although it is unconfirmed if they ever met each other during their respective military careers).


Former UK Deputy Prime Minister Jack Norris (r) meets New Zealand Prime Minister Kevin Te Hare (c) on a state visit in 2008.
Te Hare is the first Maori Prime Minister to New Zealand.Jack Norris is Ray Winstone. Kevin Te Hare is Temuera Morrison.
It's time for another Foreign Country Brief

Yu Shang is played by Sun Daolin
Wei Lian is played by Raymond Ma

Once more thanks to Tim

If anyone is wondering why I am a little vague on the current leaders its to leave more opportunities to fill in the gaps, and not to decide all the traits of a foreign leader character in a single go.

Also I updated France's article thanks to comments from MaskedPickle. He also mentioned he would like to work on French pieces so look out for those


The Gregg Institute on Foreign Relations - Country Profile

<Republic of China (1912-) - People's Republic of China (194:cool:

By Sidney Gregg - October 12, 2009

... however the protests had more impact on China's internal policy then I or President Newman knew at the time. Deep inside the Forbidden Palace, the protests ended Deng Xiaoping, as party member Yu Shang was able to successfully use the incident to consolidate more power. Later that year Xiaoping had "resigned" his position as paramount leader and several of the other seats he held.

Originally the Eight Elders of China, most of them supported Yu Shang, but when Shang turned on them in late 1990 they couldn't do a thing to stop it. The third generation after the revolution was ushered in. Under his leadership, he successfully stimulated the Chinese Economy while implementing many reforms. He also oversaw the return of the last of the European Treaty Ports in China in 1997 and 1999. What was amazing was that he improved China's relations with the outside world, in particular with Japan (Most notably during the state visit from Japanese PM Hideki Onizuka). However even with all these accomplishment he was able to maintain a tight control over his government, through the use of the Communist Party maintained its tight control over the government. Shang was able to do this mostly through reliance upon his three top Aides. Premier Zao Zyang, Deputy Chairman of the CMC Choi Xian, and General Secretary Wei Lian. China was thrown into chaos however when Shang had a fatal heartattack on September 19, 2002.

For a moment the periodicals exploded with worry that a Chinese Civil War was immenent, but everyone I knew at the time called it unlikely at best. It was readily apparent who would be Shang's successors, they simply had to determine who got which area. Now Details regarding this are sketchy, but a persistent rumor was that Lian, Zyang, and Xian drew straws to determine who would be President. Considering Xian advocates a military approach to Taiwan, and Zyang had publically supported North Korea, the United States lucked out when Lian was named President of the PRC

Wei Lian presidency has been unique in comparison to Deng's and Shang's, unlike those leaders which had strong centralized authority around them, Lian was part of an uneasy triumvirate that ruled over China. It was only until the Bartlet summit in 2005 that Lian was able to become the sole leader of China, and no longer had to share power. Lian was able to use the impact of the Bartlet summit to sway a good portion of Zyang's support away from him and become Premier as well as President. Choi Xian on the other hand was not so easily dealt with, he still is the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and occasionally spouts off about giving undying support to North Korea or has war games off the coast of Taiwan, but Lian has usually followed these up reinforcing the agreement he has with President Bartlet. With each passing comment Xian loses more and more support, it is only a matter of time before Lian becomes Chairman himself. Lian has had 5 children with his wife Bai Jiang, three sons: Bao, Jian, and Lin, also two daughters: Mei and Xiu.

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Total Polictics. com

Tuesday February 15th 2011

The Governments future may rest on Newport East by-election

The survival of this government may now rest on the outcome of the Newport East by election to be fought a week this Thursday.
The election has been caused by the tragic death of the sitting Labour MP Barry Morgan in a car crash on December 19th. Labour have selected the Leader of Newport Council Robert Griffiths as their candidate. He will be defending a majority of 1,123 votes over the Liberal Democrats who have again chosen Lawyer Claire Williams as their candidate. The Conservatives have chosen local School Teacher Ryan Cooke who is only 24 years old, he stands little chance of winning.
If Griffiths can win, he may just hand John Green a life line in office, lose and the Governments majority (including the Speakers and SF) will be down to just 2 and that includes the dying MP Guy Royston.
All eyes are on Newport East that's for sure.
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Senator Sam Seaborne (D)-California is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson diner in Des Moins tonight which is leading some to suspect that he may be laying the groundwork for a future presidential bid. If that were to be the case the chief battle for the nomination would most certainly come down to Seaborne and former Vice-President Tripplehorn. There is also a possibility that Gabe Tillman will decide to get back into politics and throw his hat in the ring in which case Seaborne would likely stay aside and support his longtime friend. Granted we've just gotten off the last election boat and anything could happen. The experience question would also be likely to arise as Seaborne would only be midway through his first term in the senate, his first time in elected office despite his years of service in the Bartlett White House. Granted Matt Santos had far less national exposure then Seaborne ever did. At this time in 2003 nobody had ever even heard of him. In fact the previous four Democratic presidents Santos, Bartlett, Newman and Carter were all previously unknown underdogs who all upset the respective front runners for the nomination. Republican nominations are far more predictable. Presidents Nixon, Reagen, Lassiter and Walken were all well established when they entered the race and had been waiting in the wings for quite a long time. For all we know the Youth in Revolt favorite Andrew Travis could jump in the ring riding the coatails of the mysterious chain of circumstances and corporate corruption charges befalling his ousted opponent.

Seaborn laughs off Presidential speculation on The Real Thing

Sam Seaborn has become a frequent guest on The Real Thing with Nate Bradshaw as of late, and the two have formed a quick friendship. Amid reports today that the freshman senator, elected only four months ago, was beginning to lay groundwork for a Presidential race in 2014, Seaborn laughed.

"Are you kidding me Nate? I could've sworn you knew me better. President Walken has been in office for less than a month, no one, least of all me, should be considering a Presidential run for something four years away. Even Vice-President Tripplehorn won't announce for at least another month! But in all seriousness Nate, regardless of ideological differences, we have to wish President Walken the best of luck. Because he's the President of the United States of America, he's not just the President of the people who voted for him."
baltimoresun.com, Thursday, February 17th, 2010.

Derrick to Meet With Whiteside on Friday.

The Sun has learned that Governor Joe Derrick will be meeting with Senator Sam Whiteside on Friday, to discuss his current state of health, as well as possible plans for the seat.

Whiteside has been hospitalized with pneumonia since January, and has been essentially running his office out of his hospital room. In his absence, the Democrats on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee have been headed by William Wiley, who has insisted that a seat be left empty for Whiteside at all of the committee's meetings.

Sources within the Governor's office, asking for anonymity in order to comment, said that "The Governor is merely seeing how Senator Whiteside is doing. While there certainly will be politics discussed, the main point of the visit is to bolster the spirits of Senator Whiteside."

Whiteside's condition has worsened of late, and it is unknown when he will be able to return to his duties full-time.
The Senator is due to stand for reelection in 2012.
Conservative Home.com

Thursday February 17th 2011

Breaking News Breaking News

Conservative Leader Andrew Carter and Liberal Democract Leader Richard Corbett to hold a joint Press Conference at 14.00 hrs in Westminister.

We have no idea what this is about, although Westminister is awash with rumours that they are announcing a vote of no confidenace in the Government. We do understand that they had a two hour private meeting late last night, again we do not know what was discussed.
Some other, "equally" valid ideas for Democratic candidates in 2014:
- Billy Atkins
- Martha Blaine
- Kevin Clarkson
- Andrew Cordy
- Antonio Cruz
- Jimmy Fitzsimmons
- Carol Gelsey
- Eve Howard
- John Hoynes
- David Kirkwood
- Tim McCord
- Nancy McNally
- Jonathan Moseley
- Mallory O'Brien
- Ricky Rafferty
- Matt Santos
- Jack Stanton
- Gabriel Tillman
- William Wiley
- Franklin Woodside
- Andrea Wyatt

I'm probably forgetting 500 other equally likely choices, as well as leaving out a couple really good ideas, and adding in quite a few obvious non-starters. It's way too early to tell, and given the fact that I don't think Tripplehorn is probable, 2014 really doesn't have a presumptive frontrunner yet.

President Walken's Shameful Past - A Black History Month Special
by Congresswoman Kim Sanderson (D-PA; 1969 to 2011)
Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have known Glen Allen Walken for almost 30 years. As a second-term Congressman, Walken voted against my proposed bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, one of only 90 Congressmen to do so. It was probably the first thing that got anyone to notice him, if only in contempt.

But according to Walken, that was an oddity, a 'quirk' in his voting record. Nevermind his strong opposition to hate crimes, or belief in deporting or even incarcerating Mexican immigrants with no ID. Other 'quirks,' I assume, from the man who doesn't have a single black member of his cabinet.

Oh, far be it from me to accuse the man of racism. You might say he's a Republican. His hands are tied. I would say: Eric Swenson, Marcus Blakemore, Jay Cruger, Darryl Lukins. He had more choices for a diverse Cabinet than at any point in American History. Instead he made one that is as white as his great-grandfather's Confederate Battalion.

I did not run for office this year, leaving the House after 42 years of public service. I was a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus. I've met Malcolm X. I've experienced deep, anger-filled racism. My father took me and my family out of segregationalist Alabama when I was six years old. When I've talked to Mr. Walken, he reminds me of people I knew long ago. When I was six years old.

Congresswoman Sanderson's opinions do not reflect those of the editors or publishers of this website.
Conservative Home.com

Thursday February 17th 2011

Carter and Corbett announce "one off electoral pack" in Newport East by-election to force Green to call a General Election

These last few weeks have been amazing, and again today we have had another twist. Andrew carter and Richard Corbett have announced "one off electoral pact" for the Newport East by-election to held in a weeks time.
The Conservative candidate Ryan Cooke has agreed to withdraw from the race, and Carter has called on all Conservative voters to vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate Claire Williams.
"I know that we would be very unlikely to take this seat, but it seems silly me to me, those votes would probably see Labour hang onto that seat. I call on all those Conservative voters to vote Liberal".
In return if Williams wins the Labour majority would be hanging by a thread, and Corbett would support and back a vote for a vote in no confidence in the House of Commons.
"Now is the time for people to say enough is enough. We need a General election, and this is a way to do it" said Corbett, he also praised the Tory Leader "Andrew has strong real bravery and leadership with this plan, he has put the country's needs ahead of his own party, unlike the Prime-Minister".
Both men said that this was a "one off" and both said that although they got on well personally, that there where very many policy differences between them.
Carter made clear that if Williams did win and they also did win any resulting Vote and a General election followed the Conservatives would fight the seat as normal.
They also both called for other parties standing at the election, namely the Welsh Nationalists and the National Democrats to also stand aside and back them.
Carter said "I make a full open offer to the other parties, join me in backing the Liberals, to get rid of this failed Government".
There were also questions in regards to what happen if there was a Hung Parliament and would Corbett support a minority Conservative Government on a "Confidence and Supply" basis as it did between 2004 and 2007.
"I have always said we are ready to work with any party in the best interests of this country. At this current time it is in the best interests of this country for this pact with the Conservatives so we can have a General Election, no more than that. I am not prepared to talk about what might or might not happen after a General Election, first we must force the Prime-Minister to give us that Election".
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Newport East Result General Election, Thursday June 28th 2007

Barry Morgan Labour 12,245
Claire Williams Liberal Democrat 11,125
Simon Sansome Conservative 7,678
Edward Wilson National Democrats 1,427
Gwen Bale Plaid Cymru 809
Becky Ryan Socialist Labour Party 175

Majority: 1,120
Turnout: 33,459

Friday February 18th 2011

Breaking News Breaking News Breaking News

Ohio Senate result

In the last few minutes, the final result has been declared and certified in Ohio.
The final totals are as follows:

Hayden Straus (D) 2,860,323 votes
Caroline Mcintosh (R) 2,859, 979 votes


Friday February 18th 2011

Straus celebrates victory as McIntosh rants at "Liberal media conspiracy"

Well its taken its time, but Hayden Straus has finally been declared the winner in the Ohio Senate race by 344 votes. After this final re-count which was overseen by Former Republican Governor Mike Reed and Former Democratic Congressman and beaten Governor candidate back in 2006 Mike Fishman, Hayden Straus said in his victory speech
"It just goes to show, all the votes must always be counted in an Election, it has been a bitter race, but I praise my opponent Carrie McIntosh she ran a great campaign".
There was not the same reply from McIntosh whose concession speech was a very bizarre rant.
"Well the liberal media conspiracy gave got what they wanted, there Socialist friend in the Senate, well don't coming crying to me when this country is a socialist/communist state in ten years time, have no doubt that is what Straus is planning, you will see. The people will say in the future, this is the day it all went wrong for the people of this country. Mark my words" she then started to cry, and sobbed on stage for several moments before aids bundled her of the stage.

Hayden Straus arrives for the accounment of the result in Columbus, Ohio.

Carrie McIntosh during her very bizzare concession speech
Now that the Ohio situation has been rectified, we have a full Senate roster. Due to that fact and some obvious errors (And my own lack of brains), I'll be remaking the Senate Committee lists, and reissuing the old ones with some new modifications.

In the meantime, here's the full Senate, with all 100 seats accounted for, State Alphabetical Order, Party Affiliations:
Alabama: Cody Riley; Alan Garland.
Alaska: Robert Cantina; Sorah Wheeler.
Arizona: Matt Hunt; Bill Marienhoff.
Arkansas: Robert Miner; Fletcher Carey.
California: Sam Seaborn; Nicole Kershaw.
Colorado: Bill Armstrong, Jr.; Camille Aubry
Connecticut: Joseph Rathburn; Chris Casey.
Delaware: Joe McKenna; Tom Landis.
Florida: Seth Randall; Eric Swenson.
Georgia: Max Lobell the First; Max Lobell the Third.
Hawaii: Arthur Breech; David Kuhio.
Idaho: Clark Gibson; Gina DiMeo.
Illinois: George Montgomery; Mitch Bryce.
Indiana: Rob O'Rourke; Damon Matteo.
Iowa: Rod Kasey; Lorraine Lindsay.
Kansas: Sam Wilkinson; James Taglio.
Kentucky: Calvin Bowles; James Lancaster.
Louisiana: Keith Proctor; Judi Rand.
Maine: Stephen Wilson; Caroline Dempsey.
Maryland: Sam Whiteside; Dan Kalmbach.
Massachusetts: Ryan Lyndell; Jimmy Fitzsimmons.
Michigan: Paula Sacho; Randall Thomas.
Minnesota: Mark Ramsey; Jack Hunter.
Mississippi: Dylan McNamara; Ann Choate.
Missouri: Laura Shallick; Lewis Henderson.
Montana: George Wirth; Robert Starkey.
Nebraska: Emit George; Bill Daniel.
Nevada: Howard Weston; Victor Huntington.
New Hampshire: George Englemann; Scott Larkin.
New Jersey: Dante Jenkins; Mike Brace.
New Mexico: Lloyd Russell; Andy Ritter.
New York: Andrew Thorn; Jay Cruger.
North Carolina: Eric Bennett; Brett Logan.
North Dakota: Seth Gillette; Harry Conroy.
Ohio: August Adair; Hayden Straus.
Oklahoma: Robert Roanoke; Alan Duke.
Oregon: Robert Greys; Ricky Rafferty.
Pennsylvania: Robert Royce; Morgan Mitchell.
Rhode Island: Michael Swain; John Huntingdon.
South Carolina: Harry Proctor; Tim McCord.
South Dakota: Robin Fulton; Jim Simon.
Tennessee: Dan Hammond; Patrick Stacy.
Texas: Barton Hopkins; Mark Cumberland.
Utah: Jeff Heston; Marc Elderton.
Vermont: Sarah O'Brien; Matt Skinner.
Virginia: Henry Malken; Harold Webster.
Washington State: William Wiley; Andrew Howard.
West Virginia: Brent Harrison; Charles Oakley.
Wisconsin: Sean Quatermain; Jeremy Lyons.
Wyoming: Herman Morton; Kent Harris.

-Judi Rand has not yet announced which party she will be caucusing with, and remains an Independent.
-Seth Gillette is the only member of the Progressive Alliance in the Senate, and caucuses with the Democrats.
-20 States have two Republican Senators.
-13 States have two Democratic Senators.
-17 States have a mixed set of Senators.
-And an odd fact to complete this list: In alphabetical order, with Pennsylvania and Oregon, we have two senior Senators named Robert and two Junior Senators with double initials, in this case RR and MM.
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