1495 - An Alternate History of Renaissance and Reformation

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    Charles Orlando
    In the autumn of 1495, when an epidemic of measles struck Touraine, Charles VIII (who after returning from Italy remained in Lyon, where he was joined by the Queen), ordered the child to be even more closely cloistered in Amboise. But to no avail: Charles Orlando contracted measles, and was able to recover from the sickness, Charles Orlando’s recovery was said to be a miracle.

    It was clear that the child will grow up to be a strong King, said Anne of Brittany but she felt that something bad will happen.

    Charles VIII died in 1498, two and a half years after his retreat from Italy, as the result of an accident. While on his way to watch a game of jeu de paume (real tennis) in Amboise he struck his head on the lintel of a door. While returning from the game, he fell into a sudden coma, and died nine hours later, perhaps of a subdural hematoma.

    Charles Orlando was declared and crowned Charles IX at 6 years old; he would be under a regency for less than a decade, inheriting his father’s Italian wars.

    His mother Anne of Brittany would marry Louis of Orleans in 1499 and Charles Orlando had a half sister whose father is Louis of Orleans, her name is Claude of France who was born in 1500.

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Grown up Charles Orlando from the TV Series: The Valois

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    Isabella of Aragon

    In 1498, Isabella I of Castille visited Portugal noticed her daughter, Isabella of Aragon was very sickly and told her to take care of herself and her baby because she would risk the life of her and her baby so she told her to stop her own fasting and take care of herself.

    Isabella, the Queen of Portugal gave birth to a son named Miguel, who was dubbed the Prince of Peace and was born on the later part of August 1498, he was healthy so was his mother but his mother was left barren after a miscarriage after giving birth to Miguel

    Due to the birth of a son to Isabella of Aragon the succession of the three kingdoms of Iberia united as one, Isabella of Aragon is coveted by her sister Joanna who can only envy her, but Philip told her that she will be the Mother of Germany and he promised it.

    Because of this Mary of Aragon who was on waiting for a possible Portuguese marriage had changed her own marriage prospective, she was seriously considered to be the second bride of Maximillian I of the Holy Roman Emperor and the marriage proposals for Catherine and Mary of Aragon were delayed until the later part of the 1500’s decade at the time where the husbands of choice for them would be solidified at the request of Isabella of Aragon, Princess of Asturias to her mother, Isabella I of Spain.

    There were two important marriages and that is one to France and England, Catherine was first considered to marry Arthur, Prince of Wales, the future King of England but the things changed and the possible marriages for the two women changed, and the matches were finalized, Mary of Aragon would marry Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon would marry Charles IX of France, the two matches seemed attractive to them.

    On 1508, Arthur Prince of Wales married Mary of Aragon while Catherine of Aragon marries Charles IX of France just after his regency, the two marriages seemed to be happy at the beginning, For Claude of France, and she would marry the Future King of Spain, Miguel the Crown prince of Portugal.

    Young Catherine of Aragon, Queen of France

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    King Charles IX of France and Catherine of Aragon's wedding as depicted in the series the Valois by Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Maria Doyle.

    Catherine of Aragon and Charles IX
    On 1509, Catherine of Aragon being crowned as the Queen of France and marriage with her younger husband is a very good experience – for her, but her King already had favorites..

    The dowry of Catherine of Aragon was a certain amount of Gold and the land of Rousillon was Swapped for the claim to Naples, this seemed to be a good proposition for their marriage and the man for her looked like a monk more than a king, since Rousillon remained under French occupation at the time of the marriage of Catherine of Aragon to Charles IX, ceding it would be a good thing and secures the borders of France and Spain.

    Isabella I of Castile’s health declined and died on 1510 making Isabella, Queen of Portugal become the Queen of Castile and Maximilian dies as well causing Philip the Fair to be the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, she quickly arranged and planned a marriage between Eleanor of Germany, the grand daughter of Emperor Maximilian to Francis of Angouleme, the obvious successor to Charles IX, Anne Boleyn from England is the attendant of Eleanor of Austria and Claude of France, before her marriage to the King of Spain and Eleanor of Austria and Anne Boleyn both hated Catherine, Eleanor of Germany is the daughter of the Kaizer, so she is planning to ruin any children of Catherine of Aragon by spreading rumors against her own children.

    On 1510, Catherine of Aragon is heavily pregnant and about to give birth to her very first child, when the child was already out of her womb, the child turned out to be female, since Claude of France and Anne of Brittany were in the room when Catherine of Aragon was giving birth, she asked what would she name her daughter, Anne of Brittany said, the child would be named Renee, that would be a good name for the daughter and another child came out of her womb and it is a son, Charles IX is uninterested with the daughter but was interested for the son.

    Catherine said I want to be able to name my child and suggested the name Ferdinand after her own father but Anne of Brittany suggested the name Arthur for the child, named after a tragic Breton duke.

    Charles IX agreed with the name Ferdinand and Arthur for the name of the child but he has his own suggestion, what if we just mix the two together and add one, we would have the child’s final name, which is Louis Ferdinand Arthur, he had decided that Renee would be a bride in the court of the pope or in Italy.

    For Claude, she feels that her time to meet her groom and she would never see her parents nor brother again, she is just 10 years old but feels very stressed and very sad.

    The two babies were dressed and treated with the best treatment and given a lavish treatment by the people but people are not wary of what Francis and Eleanor of Germany might do to the King and Queen and also their children but they were confronted because of if the King and Queen and their children die the Duchy of Brittany would pass to Portugal.

    For Mary of Aragon, she had a very fulfilling wife as the wife of Arthur I of England after Henry VII, the King of England passed away in 1508, she had a daughter named Mary on 1509 and a son named Henry on 1510 and she remains beautiful as she visits the French court to greet her sister, Catherine.

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    Claudia, Princess of Asturias

    Miguel y Claudia

    Claude of France married in Proxy with Miguel, the Prince of Asturias at the tender age of 15 when she could be able to travel to France and she was able to say goodbye to her brother, mother and her own niece who would also be married abroad.

    In this time, Isabella, Queen of Asturias is now the Queen of Spain as Isabella II after inheriting both Aragon and Castile due to the death of Ferdinand of Aragon at 1514, Catherine of Aragon had told Claude of France what to do when she would be able to go to Spain to marry her groom.

    But the attendants who were there with her said that the groom is not what she expects him to be and what has her sister in law said him to be.

    But she was happy that she was able to go to near the border between France and Spain at Rousillon which was ceded to France and she feels very anxious at her new husband but the attendants told Claude that she is married now to Miguel, Prince of Asturias who is the son of the sister of her brother’s wife, Catherine.

    Claude was able to arrive to the court at Lisbon and she is crowned as Claudia, Princess of Asturias and was able to meet and marry her groom, in which she was at first not happy marrying, she was attended by Anne Boleyn at her own wedding with Miguel, Prince of Asturias.

    Apparently, Anne Boleyn is also head over heels at the Spanish prince.

    In England, Henry, Duke of York and Mary, Duchess of Suffolk are happily married to the people they loved, Henry, Duke of York married Margaret of Angouleme as suggested by Maria of Aragon and Mary is happily married to the love of her life for Margaret, Queen of Scots, she is happy for her own brother.

    Note: Henry the Duke of York and the Duchess Mary of Suffolk are a footnote in history.

    I am making Anne Boleyn as the second wife of Miguel I of Spain..since Claude still dies on schedule.

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    Anne Boleyn as depicted on the series, Valois

    Claude’s Unhappy life and the Rise of Miguel I of Spain

    On her life, Claude I was very unhappy and gave birth to four children from her marriage till death in 1524.

    It was known in the court that she is unhappy and she was neglected by her husband for nine years and was not really allowed to spend time with her children, she heard of the conquests of Hernando Cortes of the Mexica Triple Alliance and the death of Manuel, the King of Portugal, the father of Miguel on 1520 and was crowned as the Queen of Portugal but she was not able to make it as the Queen of Spain.

    She gave birth to four children.
    -Duarte – 1516
    -Luis – 1518
    -Anna Maria Luisa – 1520
    -Francisco – 1524

    Claudia died on her childbed after giving birth to Francisco and told her husband, Miguel not to mourn for her and marry the one, who loves him, Anne Boleyn, she knew that Anne Boleyn loved the man she married and Claudia has been a friend to her good friend Anna.

    He married Anne Boleyn and made him his queen, which gave him only one daughter, Isabella who was nicknamed Isabella la Gloriana on 1530.

    On 1535, Isabella II of Spain dies and Miguel, Prince of Asturias and Anne Boleyn became King and Queen of the new united Iberia as King Miguel I and Queen Anna of Spain and a new era dawned upon Iberia.

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    Philip the Fair?
    On 1510, Maximilian the Holy Roman Emperor had died and the electorates agreed to crown his son, Philip the fair as the Holy Roman Emperor.

    On 1517, Louis, the only possible male heir of the Kingdom of Bohemia and Hungary dies a year after the death of Vladislaus II of Bohemia on 1516 and Hungary, so there was only a daughter was born for Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary so that basically meant that Bohemia and Hungary was for the Habsburgs but the Habsburgs made a pact with the Polish Jagiellons to swap their rights to Bohemia to gain the lands of Upper Silesia(except the lands of Duchy of Opava which were given to the illegitimate son of Premysl Ottokar) (the lands in Silesia that was given to Poland, Croatia and Hungary in perpetuity and the rest of Bohemia would go to the Habsburgs and the Jagiellonians rights to Lower Silesia would be transferred to the Habsburgs along with the rest of Bohemia, the Jagiellonians agreed with the plan, the daughter of Philip II the Holy Roman Emperor, Catherine of Austria was married to Sigismund the old to secure the treaty and Archduke Charles of Austria will marry Mary of Hungary, the heiress of Vladislaus II.

    This meant that the Habsburgs have united the Netherlands, Burgundy, Austria and Bohemia; the three lands needed for the enrichment of the family the Habsburgs.

    For the Habsburgs it was good that they had inherited all the rich lands, however, that would mean that the Habsburgs would start on the path on the Centralization of Germany.
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    North Brabant, The Netherlands
    IOTL as early as 1491, treaty of Pressburg, Vladislaus II of Hungary and Maximilian of Austria had a succession treaty. So Maximilian wouldn't need to give away that much to the Jagiellons. Not to mention, that the Bohemian would never accept that parts of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown, in this case Silesia, are just handed over (as far as they are concerned these were Bohemian).

    Besides formally both Hungary-Croatia and Bohemia were elective and the one married to the sister or daughter of the previous monarch generally tended to have a slight advantage over another outsider.
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    Parts of Silesia were fiefs of the Polish crown and parts of Upper Silesia were was a co-principalities between the King of Bohemia and the Archbishop of Krakow and also there were archibishopies in Silesia directly belonging to the Polish throne, I remember one of the former forumers, MSZ told that before and Opole-Raciborz was once dangled as a fief to one of the daughters of the Polish King Isabella Jagiellon and Bona Sforza once coveted Silesia, giving up Upper Silesia will end any possible conflict between Poland and Germany which will be due to the Polish people of Upper Silesia and the Archbishop of Krakow's coprincipality status with Siewierz and future wars.

    Czechs and Germans will not Accept but the Poles in Silesia will be the only ones happy in this arrangement and I am against how the Polish-Lithuanian Kings treated Silesians as a reason in making friends with Austria, liberating the Polish land in Silesia will ease the PLC of some burden.
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    The Conspiracy of against the King of France
    The former attendant of Princess Claude of France, Anne Boleyn and her husband Miguel I of Portugal and Prince of Asturias were just married on 1525 and visited France in order to celebrate the marriage of Renee of France to the Duke of Ferrara.

    Anne Boleyn overheard the plans of Eleanor of Austria and Francis, Duke of Angouleme her husband to poison the King and the prince and marry Renee to their son, Henry, Anne Boleyn warned her friend, Catherine of Aragon about what will happen and told her what might happen to their children if the plan was hatched.

    Anne Boleyn successfully exposed the plans of Francis and Eleanor and Charles IX banished Francis of Angouleme and Eleanor and confiscated their fiefs in this point, Catherine and Charles IX have already three children namely, Prince Louis, Princess Renee and Princess Marie, Princess Marie was born in 1516.

    Francis and Eleanor were expelled to Germany where Philip the Fair would not give anything to them and they were uncared and not given any attention and without any of the attention they and their son became lowly castellans in France as poor as the Capetian Courtenays.
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    Fernão Magalhães

    Cortes was able to conquer Mexico and Spain also would inherit the Kingdom of Portugal’s eastern possessions so there was no need for them to find another way to monopolize the trade of spices.

    On 1513, the Ternatean wife of Fernão Magalhães gives birth to a healthy son, the wife tells Magalhães to stay in Ternate and never leave her.

    Due to this, the Portuguese and the later unified Iberia and the Habsburg were able to monopolize the trade to the orient.

    The birth of this child would change the history forever, Charles V would not have means to find a route to the indies…at this point of time, the people of the Land of Gold are under Bruneian yoke and the minor states in it were under Bruneian vassalage and it gets gold from the mountains of that land while the Visayan states are warring with each other.

    The people of the Golden Land want to end the Bruneian yoke and the extraction of gold in their land.

    The people of the Golden Land gain the courage to rebel against the Bruneians but at what expense…the people of the Golden Land have no leader and the people in the north are too afraid of the Bruneians and are very disunited which brings us to this, they should unite against the Bruneians.

    The Salalila Dynasty, a branch of the Bolkiah Dynasty in the Golden Land are losing their ties to the Bolkiah Dynasty…time will tell when the Bruneian yoke in the Golden Land will be lifted.

    On 1530, the Kingdom of Tondo controlled as a puppet of Brunei had a civil war on who will control it since one of its factions still want control of Brunei and one does not want it.

    The faction of the Kingdom of Tondo who wanted independence grabbed Pangasinan, Benguet and the Upper Reaches of the Pampanga river as their base forming a new Kingdom which is so called Upper Tondo, Aparri and Lingayen both became neutral to these due to their importance to trade but the existence of Upper Tondo cut the supplies of gold to the Bruneians from Cordillera, killing their gold trade, meaning that Brunei will weaken, gradually, the Kingdom of Upper Tondo would get the control both Aparri and Lingayen which are flourishing in trade.

    The Lower Tondo is weakening and Manila lost its importance and eclipsed by new cities namely, Macabebe and the Trading cities of Aparri and Lingayen.

    The Pangasinan language and Kapampangan language were the main language of the new successor of the Kingdom of Tondo.

    In this point, we shift our focus to Sulu, due to the weakening Bruneian Empire and its loss of its Gold Trade, Sulu would regain its trading prominence, the Kingdom of Upper Tondo would starve Brunei of its Gold Trade.

    One of the sons of Ferdinand Magellan and his wife ended up in the Bruneian court as one of the advisors of the Sultan of Brunei, his name was Alfonso and converted a part of the Bruneian court and converted some of the people of Brunei to Christianity..

    Note: Malacca and the Indian colonies are already under portugal at the POD.
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    The Empire of Portugal and its early successes

    The Portuguese gained the ports of Diu and Goa due to defeating the Indian Kingdoms and the Venetians as well as Socotra.

    In 1511, the City of Malacca was captured by the Portuguese and added to the empire.

    The Potuguese conquered the area of Malaya Peninsula near Malacca and conquered Aceh and Riau and the Portuguese established a colony in the Cape of Good Hope.

    In this time the Spanish are conquering the Carribean Islands and Mexico both the Empires merged into one when Miguel I of Castille, Aragon and Portugal inherited the three Kingdoms.
    The merger of the two Empires would make the New Kingdom of Spain one of the most powerful Kingdoms in Europe.

    Shortly before the integration of the two Kingdoms, Miguel I of Spain discovered the valley of Mississippi and focused on it and for that reason the colony in Brazil remained small and neglected because the focus changed.

    Pigafetta, Goiti and Luis Mendosa made an expedition in Mississippi and established a colony for Miguel I of Portugal who at the time also the Prince of Asturias and established a colony in the mouth of Mississipi and established a town named Novo Lisboa.

    The Mississippian colony was called Migueliana or Michealania named after Miguel I of Spain.
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    Luther and Philip the Fair
    On 1517 Silesia was divided into two due to the death of the Jagiellonian line in Bohemia, Silesia would be divided by the Silesian cuttings, the eastern side went to Poland which means that the towns of Kluczbork and Bytom went to Poland.

    The division was said to be unfair to the both parties, the Germans were against it but the Poles were the only happy about the change because the change benefited only the Poles.

    At that time Luther submitted his thesis and was considered a heretic by his fellow monks on 1518, Philip II the Holy Roman Emperor decided to protect Luther and pleaded Leo X not to consider him a heretic, the pope decided not to do something about him yet.

    Margaret of Austria, the sister of Philip II became a patron of Luther and brought him to the Netherlands, helping him proselytize more in the area, the people of Austria, Bohemia and the Netherlands and the rest of Germany became weary of the Pope.

    Mary of Bohemia and Charles are married that is what is important for Philip II now that Bohemia is integrated in Germany. And that is what is important to him, the integration of Bohemia to Germany.

    Philip II encouraged migration of Germans to Prague after the marriage of Mary of Bohemia to Charles in order to Germanize Bohemia completely.