wiemar republic

  1. WI: Ludendorff joins the Nazi party

    How possible is that instead of having a falling out with hitler and the nazis, Ludendorff becomes a member of the party and assuming that he does would he get killed like ernst rohm as hitler would fear him or does he make him commander of the army?
  2. Weimar Republic Collapse

    So, the Weimar Republic was never the most functional of states but it did manage to limp along until Hitler and the Nazis seized power in 1933. But, what if it didn't? In the 1920s the government was dealing with a massive inflation crisis which caused it to default on its post-Versailles...
  3. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Versailles doesn't let Nazis rise to power

    Simple enough. Rewrite the Treaty of Versailles in a way that prevents the subsequent troubles that led to Hitler's rise to power.
  4. AHC: Have the KPD seize power in Germany by 1933 instead of the NSDAP

    Okay, so our goal here is to have the German Communist power get into power in Germany instead of the Nazi party. The POD should ideally be in the late 1920s or even-earlier 1930s, but, for the sake of parallelism, they must seize power in 1933, though the day or even month need not be the same...
  5. Article 80 is never put in the Treaty of Versailles

    Article 80 of the Treaty of Versailles states "Germany acknowledges and will respect strictly the independence of Austria, within the frontiers which may be fixed in a Treaty between that State and the Principal Allied and Associated Powers; she agrees that this independence shall be...