1. OxSpace

    AHC: A Post-War Polish Vilnius

    During WW2, that status of the Polish-Soviet border had been brought up on several occasions, the most prominent of these discussions was the Tehran Conference where the Curzon Line was, in some form, agreed upon by the "Big Three". A special map (contemporary version) developed during the...
  2. Post WW2 Lithuania-Belarus-Kaliningrad single state

    In 1945, the Soviets formed the Federal Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania-Belarus with the capital in Vilnius, the Kaunas ASSR grouping Baltic-Lithuanians and the Konigsberg / Kaliningrad oblast. This is formally motivated by the collaboration of Lithuanians, the restoration of the...
  3. Independent Lithuania (Samogitia) with Courland after Partitions of Poland

    IOTL, in 1440 there was a Dowmont rebellion in Samogitia (central part of Baltic Lithuania) against Casimir IV Jagiellon, the new Grand Prince of Lithuania. Dowmont, a Lithuanian nobleman, wanted Michael Kęstutis (Kiejstusiewicz) on the throne...
  4. Sailor Haumea

    AHC: Wilno/Vilnius made an international city after WW1

    Pretty self-explanatory - find a way to make Wilno/Vilnius an international city a la Danzig after World War I rather than part of Poland, Lithuania, or Belarus.
  5. Augenis

    WI: Paul Hymans's Federation of Lithuania

    I never expected to find English information about this plan (well known in Lithuania, not so much elsewhere) on the Vilnius dispute. But I did. And on Wikipedia, too, so now I can talk to you about this. The most defining trait of Interwar Lithuania is, undoubtedly, it's dispute over the...