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  1. Count of Crisco

    General Alyskan Navy Thread
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    Recently on the alternate warships of nations thread I have been posting some ships from a Timeline I have been working on (link to the TL in my signature if your interested) and people seemed to like it. And I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for some more ships so that the AWoN...
  2. GameBawesome

    The American Crisis of the 19th Century

    (Based off two things, 1) This thread I made, 2) A post I made in this thread. This is an idea where America collapse during the civil war, and the PODS) What if, through 1861 to 1865, there were multiply uprisings in both the Union and the Confederacy? The Uprisings in the North are sponsored...
  3. AHC: Make “Mulatto” or a similar term a realistic racial category in the United States

    Pretty much as it says on the tin. With a POD at 1800, make “Mulatto,” or a similar term denoting a person of mixed European and African ancestry a realistic racial category in the United States, chosen by a large number of people, outside of the standard “White,” or “Black”.
  4. Alliance between China, Germany, and the US

    With a pod in 1820, how can we get an alliance between the United states, a Prussian Germany, and a modernized Qing? What smaller allies would also be part of this pact, how would the coming great war between powers go, and what will the world look like after?
  5. KingOnTheEdge

    Could Polk Have Won A Second Term?

    James K Polk is probably the epitome of 'bad person [by modern standards] but good for the country,' with his haggling over the PNW for Britain, and his conquest of texas and the southwest via the Texan squatters and war with Mexico. However, at the same time, he enabled the massacre of...
  6. AHC: American Made Kei Trucks and Kei Vans.

    I've noticed lately that Kei Trucks and Kei Vans are getting more popular in the United States but due to the import restrictions they must be 25 years old or older to enter the country from Japan or Korea. These are the ultra light mini or micro trucks and vans known for ruggedness and very...
  7. State/Colonial Development in a Galloway Plan Scenario

    The Galloway Plan, which was a proposed plan of union between the American colonies was rather vague, and one thing that it didn't really specify was any sort of boundaries between the constituent colonies or more importantly, their western borders. Assuming that eventually the Proclamation line...
  8. WI: Hovercraft Passenger Ferries on the Great Lakes and Mississippi River System?

    What pod(s) are needed to make Hovercraft Passenger Ferries a common form of public and private transportation on the North American Great Lakes and Mississippi River System Is this even possible? What kind of design and function would specifically be needed for American waterways? How does...
  9. AHC: Five/Six-Way Cold War

    With a POD set at 11 November 1918, create a five- or six-way Cold War featuring the United States of America, the British Empire, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and either the Empire of Japan or the Republic/People's Republic (preferably the latter) of China, or both of the two latter...
  10. nekomancer

    What if the nuclear Negev Canal actually existed?

    Not too long after the Suez Crisis, the United States actually had suggested digging a canal across the Negev Desert in Israel as an alternative to the Suez Canal. ...Using over 500 nuclear bombs. Yes, this was actually real. According to the memo, this was because of the exponential cost of...
  11. President Stassen - in 1968?

    So, Harold Stassen, the famous liberal Republican politician turned joke perennial candidate from the 1952 presidential election onward, we all know him. But what if he made a comeback in 1958? That year, he tried to become the GOP gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania, but he was defeated in...
  12. AHC/WI Reversed Cold War: Democratic Russia, Totalitarian America

    The main point of divergence being no 1917 October revolution, how can we have Russia become a stable democracy and the United States into a totalitarian dictatorship? What economic system are the two governments going to run with? After what do the next 70 years look like up to 1991?
  13. WI Idea of Reconquista becomes deeply entrenched in Mexico fuelling a Major Long-lasting Conflict with the United States a la Ireland, Palestine etc ?

    OTL Mexico obtained independence in 1821, the government characterized by instability leaving it ill-prepared for a major international conflict when war broke out with the U.S. in 1846 [Wikipedia]. The Mexican-American War of 1846 lead to the loss of Texas, California and New Mexico, thus...
  14. anim8orkid

    What if Ronald Reagan Had Never Been Elected

    An interesting take on what the United States might be like if Ronald Reagan were never elected President:
  15. The Young Explorer

    A New Dawn Rising: What if America stuck by her ideals?
    Threadmarks: A New Dawn Rising

    A New Dawn Rising What if America stuck by her ideals? (author note: I focused more on writing a story I enjoyed then 100% accuracy. some things may be ASB and some things I may have missed. I hope you can enjoy)
  16. CaliforniaPerson296

    Cold War reference books and other materials

    I want to write a Cold War Timeline similar to @TastySpam ‘s “The North Star is Red”, only with the POD being the Allies deciding to go for the soft underbelly of Europe instead of OTL D-Day, are there any good books, articles, and threads on this site that would be good research material for...
  17. Bomster

    No USW

    Let's say for some reason or another the German Empire decides against conducting Unrestricted Submarine Warfare in early 1917. Aside from almost certainly butterflying or atleast delaying US entry into the war on the side of the Entente, how does the rest of the war play out without USW or US...
  18. Bomster

    WI/AHC: Germans take Amiens during Operation Michael

    What if the Germans take Amiens in the 1918 Kaiserschlacht? How could the Germans take Amiens through Operation Micheal? And would loosing a key link in the British supply chain cause a crisis that knocks France out of the war before the Americans arrive in force?
  19. Fallen Eagle: The World After the Clinton Assassination - A Timeline
    Threadmarks: Part One - The Day That Shook the World: Assassination of Bill Clinton; 1996 United States presidential election; Operation Shining Light

    "A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers." - President John F. Kennedy Hello all. Through my four years on this site (and many more years of lurking), I've never actually made a thread dedicated to a timeline of mine. In...
  20. OxSpace

    Spanish-American War of 1820

    So I've been fiddling around with the idea of a Spanish-American war that takes place somewhere between 1819-1820. The Adam-Onis treaty was very tense and it was close to breaking down with no concrete provisions being agreed upon. The main issue stemmed from the American inheritance of French...