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  1. What if Humberto Delgado successfully threw out the Estado Novo (with US support)?

    The guy, at least I heard, was a MAJOR suck up to the US, and he wanted to be the president of Portugal in the 1958 election. Suppose he wins and stages a revolution, turning Portugal into a democratic country, what happens next?
  2. TheDoofusUser

    AHC - Second/Actual American Civil War in 1968

    One cannot deny that the year 1968 election was a horrible year for the United States, with Vietnam at its height, the assassinations of Robert Francis Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., the multitude of Race riots across the country combined with anti-war protests, the disaster that was the...
  3. the man in the fly castle

    Emperor in The White House——What If Joshua Norton is Natural-born citizen of US

    Since Norton I was born in England, that means he had no chance to aim the seat of US President because he was not a Natural-born Citizen. But what if in this timeline, Norton's Parents, decided to immigrate in 1817, and where they decided to immigrate is United States, which made Joshua Norton...
  4. A Federalist resurgence after 1800?

    Could the Federalist Party return to the presidency after Thomas Jefferson's victory over John Adams in 1800, or were they fated to die a slow death after that and especially the Louisiana Purchase? Perhaps if they retain the governorship of New York in 1801, or take it back in 1810 or 1813...
  5. AHC: No Falklands War

    Argentina's dispute with Britain over the Falkland Islands goes back centuries, but the 1982 invasion of the islands by Argentina's Junta was largely motivated by a desire to stir up patriotic sentiment to distract from domestic unrest. What would it have taken to prevent the Junta making this...
  6. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The State of Lincoln and the State of Sequoyah

    What if half of the Indian Territory was divided into Freedman's Territory and eventually became a state in 1910 with Sequoyah?
  7. Where do the American coal wars start and why?

    So picture the 13 colonies gaining independence in the American Revolution, but instead of ratifying a new Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation, the disagreements over the Bill of Rights are too great to be overcome and the federal experiment ended right there. Suddenly all the...
  8. Omnicide: World War III In 1953
    Threadmarks: Opening

    "1941 was not the worst, oh no. And 1945 was not the end. All we went through together was meaningless. Those desperate, brutal battles against the fascists in the long first summer of the war, the bitter cold outside Moscow and Stalingrad, and our heroic march to Berlin- none of it mattered...
  9. Historical Figures Switch Places

    For my very first on Alternatehistory.com, he is the challenge of this post: One needs to select two random historical figures and have these two figures switch places. What is meant by "switch places" is that their nationalities, birthplaces, roles in history, reasons for fame, occupations...
  10. Scenario: American Greenland and Newfoundland

    Thought of some interesting post-war American expansion based on the map below, regarding plausibility: -Greenland- - It's well known that the Danish government was heavily opposed to a potential sale in 1946 however I believe that under different circumstances the purchase...
  11. AHC: With a POD after 2000, make the 00s as Bad for the US as Possible

    Okay, so the goal is pretty simple Start with a POD sometime after 12:00 AM 01/01/2000, and from it, make the next decade as bad for the United States of America as you can. Cause as much chaos, misery, and misfortune for the US - both for the government and the people - as could possibly...
  12. GameBawesome

    Railroads after a Confederate Victory

    To give a great oversimplification, after the Civil War or between 1870s to 1890s, the United States entered an industrial era, where new railways expanded across the nation, creating a new and more connected network across teh nation With a POD I've been using for most of my CSA Victory asks...
  13. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The Founding Fathers created the Confederate Constitution without the Slavery part and the addition of a Supreme Court?

    How different would American History would be if the Founding Fathers somehow ended up with the creation of the Confederate Constitution but without the unable to ban slavery and a Supreme Court?
  14. TheDoofusUser

    Three Pre-Revolution, ARW, and ACW TL poll

    So for the last few days, I've had a few ideas about a TL I could do in the meantime as I'm focusing on TEE, which will have updates every now and again. The TLs I'm considering have PoDs in either the 1710s, 1600s, or even 1500s, while the ACW will obviously have an 1800s PoD. Here are the...
  15. Oba Cahokia

    What if a surviving CSA built the Nicaragua Canal and the US built the Panama Canal

    If a surviving CSA built the Nicaragua Canal and the US still built Panama Canal. How different would North America be and How would this effect Global Economy and Politics.
  16. A Red Day In Selma: An Alternate History Of The Civil Rights Era And Cold War
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    This story is written with the permission of the Redditor who originally came up with this scenario, No Biscotti 711. Those of you who find the work in question that inspired this, please, no spoilers. Chapter 1: One Itchy Finger March 7th 1965 Selma, Alabama The previous demonstrations and...
  17. WI: (Illegitimate) Federalist Victory in 1800

    It appears my fascination with the early United States has no end. I was watching the HBO miniseries John Adams (2008) this afternoon when a notion I had never truly considered flew across my mind. In episode 6, when the House of Representatives is voting on the contingent election between...
  18. List of Presidents of the United States (1989 - 2589)

    As part of the "American Empire" series. https://usam.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Presidents_of_the_United_States
  19. AHC: Keep the USA a Regional Power

    The United States of America, for most of the 20th century and the beginnings of the 21st century, has been described as one of the greatest if not THE superpower of global politics. In my encounters with alternate history, this conception has been challenged on occasion, but it seems that for...
  20. What if the USSR and Eastern Europe accepted the Marshall plan?

    The Marshall Plan aid was divided among the participant states roughly on a per capita basis. A larger amount was given to the major industrial powers, as the prevailing opinion was that their resuscitation was essential for the general European revival. Somewhat more aid per capita was also...