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  1. kasumigenx

    Henry the Young King(1155-1199)
    Threadmarks: The Annulment of Henry the Young King’s marriage

    On 1183, Henry, the Young King of England would start the process of annulling the marriage with Margaret of France in favor Gisele of Swabia as Margaret of France is in forbidden affinity as Eleanor of Aquitaine was once married to Louis VII, as his marriage with Margaret of France produced no...
  2. Henderson

    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I - Henry II

    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline “You would have been king of the noble and emperor of the brave, lord, if you had lived longer, for you had gained the name Young King; you were indeed the guide and father of youth. And hauberks and swords, and beautiful buckram, helmets and gonfalons...
  3. The Third Crusade and Egypt

    So lets say Philip, Richard, and Frederick Barbarossa all make it to the Holy Land and combine their armies. The Holy Roman Emperor keeps Richard and Philip from turning on each other and is seen as the leader of the Crusade. With this crusader force (potentially the strongest ever assembled) I...
  4. WI: Saladin and his Successors Vassalized the Crusader States

    A bit of a weird (and I don't know how plausible) idea that came to my mind after hearing of how Saladin spared the first King of Cyprus (and King jure uxoris of Jerusalem) after capturing him at the Battle of Hattin. What If, instead of simply annexing almost the entirety of the lands of the...
  5. Brita

    Could Al-Adil/Saphadin possibly have married Richard's niece

    OTL Richard the Lionheart offered his widowed sister Joan as bride for Saladin's brother Al-Adil/Spahadin so both would rule Jerusalem. Joan immediately refused though and Richard offered his young niece Eleanor of Brittany instead but the proposal came to nothing. IIRC Christian-Muslim matches...
  6. Abd ar-Rahman II

    Saladin Take Tyr in 1187 / Wank the Ayyubids
    Threadmarks: Crusade

    Saladin manage to take Tyr in 1187 due to Conrad dying of illness before setting of to the holy land and pure luck what are the effect the on the third crusade ?
  7. WI: Frederick Barbarossa doesn't drown

    What if Frederick Barbarossa didn't drown in the Göksu River? How would it have affected the Third Crusade and other things and events?
  8. GauchoBadger

    WI: Frederick Barbarossa doesn't drown, more successful Third Crusade?

    I half-heartedly apologize if this topic has already been discussed multiple times before, but i'll say it anyway. As we all know, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa's last venture was his campaign in the Third Crusade. After defeating the Seljuks, he drowned in a river, his army...
  9. GauchoBadger

    WI: Successful Byzantine-Ayyubid Alliance?

    A few months ago, i made a thread on a hypothetical victory for Saladin against the Third Crusade's forces at the Battle of Arsuf in 1191. I wanted to bump it, but, because of the red warning, i ultimately decided not to. I originally thought Saladin would support the Seljuks of Rum due to...
  10. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ayyubid victory at Arsuf (1191)

    The Battle of Arsuf (1191 AD) was, arguably, the pivotal battle of the Third Crusade, which was launched in an attempt to halt the Ayyubid sultan Saladin's attempt at conquering the Crusader states. The Crusaders, under the leadership of Angevin English king Richard, the Lionheart, managed to...