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  1. Nell_Lucifer

    What if Joseph Stalin and his inner circle die from bubonic plague in 1937?

    I have this tendency of finding obscure bits of information while looking through stuff that in most cases is not related to what I am searching for, this being the case, and post them here in the hope that it would start an interesting discussion. This is from 'The Soviet Biological Weapons...
  2. Moscow Nights: What if Beria Succeeded Stalin?
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The death of the Father of Nations

    Chapter I: The death of the Father of Nations The death of Stalin would send shockwaves throughout the Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc, and the world at large. Stalin, much like his predecessor did not designate an official heir,(a Man of Steel does not die) leading to the creation of a massive...
  3. What Would Be A Soviet Reformer That Is Not Beria Or Malenkov?

    So I thinking of a 1945/1946 divergence. Who could be a potential Reformer? Is there anyone Gorbachev or Yavlinsky style?
  4. What if Stalin had lived a little longer?

    What if Stalin had lived a little longer? Thats not to say a decade or so, he had been in very poor physical health since 1945, but what if he'd lived another year or two, until 1954 or 1955? Theres the matter of the 'Doctors Plot' and Stalin's plan to deport virtually the entire jewish...
  5. DBWI: Stalin's death didn't cause the Second Russian Civil War?

    In 1953, the Soviet Army revolted after the head of the NKVD, Beria was sworn in as General Secretary. What would need to happen and who would become the next General Secretary? Would the Soviet Union survive to the turn of the millennium?
  6. WI: Successful anti-Soviet insurgency after Stalin's death?

    What realistic chance could've there been an anti-Soviet insurgency after Stalin's death in 1953? Like is there a realistic scenario where the Soviet citizens actually go against the government and possibly successfully overthrowing it right after the death of Stalin? If that happened, how would...
  7. GauchoBadger

    WI: Otto Skorzeny assassinates Stalin at Tehran (1943)

    Ignoring the technical plausibility of the German secret service managing to infiltrate Skorzeny into Iran... what if the alleged Operation Long Jump (Unternehmen Weitsprung) of late 1943 had been successful in murdering at least the Soviet leader, Stalin? What are the short-term consequences...
  8. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: Stalin dies instead of FDR

    Simple enough for a WI. Stalin suffers his fatal stroke in 1945 as opposed to Roosevelt dying. What impact would this have? Would there be a weakened USSR and thus a shorter Cold War? Would Hungary and Poland escape Communism?