1. BloodAndIron

    AHQ: Interesting endings to WWI?

    World War I alternate histories are very fun to read, although there are a lot simply looking at a Central Powers victory, a stronger victory for the allies, or a basic stalemate. But what are some unique endings that aren't one side victory or a stalemate. For example Germany winning on one...
  2. Bonaparte's Butterflies Revamp: A Realistic Napoleonic Victory, Maps and Lore (ongoing)

    This is an overhaul of my previous alternate history scenario. I feel that alternate Napoleonic Victories suffer the same nostalgic unrealism that often plagues WW2 alternate histories. Much like Nazi Germany, France had no realistic chance of invading the British Isle, fully-subjugating...
  3. European Map of Bonaparte's Butterflies, A "Realistic" Napoleonic Victory Scenario + Lore

    Edit: Amazingly, this image is up on the top of google images for "Napoleonic Victory Map." If you found it this way (as this thread is moved), please click here...
  4. GameBawesome

    WI: 1648- The Second Three Kingdoms Period- China split into three Dynasties

    What if, in the 1640s, instead the Qing steamrolling over all of China, what if instead, the Qing were unable to conquer the rest of China, with a more stable and competent Southern Ming, and more powerful Shun Dynasty, which defeats Zhang Xianzhong, and conquers Sichuan and Tibet. By the End...
  5. FDR and Joseph Stalin switch dates of death

    Both men died of cerebral hemorrhage a few years apart. What would the world look like if Stalin unexpectedly died in his sleep on April 12, 1945, and FDR lives on until March 5, 1953? This also assumes FDR is healthy enough to complete his final term as President.
  6. Peace terms in a stalemate WW1

    Let's say that Zimmerman never sent his telegram and Walter Schweiger doesn't torpedo the Lusitania, causing America to not enter the war. As Framce and Germany are both near collapse, a treaty is signed in the second third of 1919. A definite clause of the treaty would be all German troops...
  7. Aloha

    AHC: WW2 ends in a stalemate

    Your goal is to find a way for the Second World War to end with the Axis and the Allied Powers stalemated. Italy and/or Japan may or may not survive, but Nazi Germany needs to exit the war as a great power, alongside the United States, the British Empire, and the USSR/Soviet Union. Which would...
  8. Whiteshore

    AHC: Russian Civil War ends in stalemate

    With a POD after the October Revolution, your challenge is to come up with a scenario where the Russian Civil War ends in a stalemate with neither the Reds nor the Whites winning the Russian Civil War with a "Two Russias" situation developing.