sports what ifs

  1. sokkawaterrebel5

    RamsVsDolphins Super Bowl 34 2000

    What if in Super Bowl 34 it’s Rams vs Dolphins Kurt Warner Vs dan marino
  2. Sarthak

    Sports AH: Countries That Could Have Been Cricketing Giants

    Cricket is, by most calculations, either the second or third most popular game in the world. Whatever the case of the age old argument of being second or third, it's a very a popular game with a foothold in all continents barring Antarctica. However, despite that, Cricket is largely confined to...
  3. sokkawaterrebel5

    Detroit Lions football Dynasty 1991-2000

    what if the Detroit lions through good drafting and having the right individuals go to super bowl 25 in 1991 defeating the bills which will start a football dynasty of the 1990 and it all started when they traded andre ware for warren moon from oilers and they drafted bo jackson in 1987 and...
  4. Spygate 2002 - A Collaborative Alternate NFL/Sports Timeline

    Before I do start this timeline, I would like to preface that I am a bit new here, but I do come from a small writing background online, primarily in the NationStates (NS) forums. And hey, an sports alternative history timeline is a neat idea, especially since this concept (At least to my...
  5. JoeCoolIII

    A Stroke of Luck for Cincinnati, an NFL Alternate History
    Threadmarks: Super Bowl XXIII

    January 22, 1989, Super Bowl XXIII "Rice has just set a Super Bowl record with 12 catches. He’s in motion. Montana. INTERCEPTION, Barney Bussey! And Cincinnati is down at the 8-yard line. Taylor’s missed the big game-winning throw, and a big one it was because now it will take another touchdown...
  6. Sarthak

    AHC: Make Cricket the most popular sport on the planet instead of football.

    In 1854, an edition of the Times mentioned how Cricket was the most popular sport in the world. While, exaggerated, and with football being more favored by the common populace in Britain, the article had merit. Cricket was being played in the 1850s not only in Britain and its colonies but in...
  7. WI: Berlin Does Not Host the 1936 Summer Olympics

    In 1931, Berlin, Germany was selected to host the 1936 Olympic Games. This was only two years before Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power. Let's say the International Olympic Committee is repulsed by Naziism by 1936 like they were with Italian Fascism heading into the vote in 1931 (Rome...