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  1. Space Race without World Wars

    IOTL we usually view the space race through the prism of the cold war, but what would the space race look like in a no world wars TL? Would the space race be greatly delayed without the technological developments from the world wars or without the cold war rivalry to drive it? How delayed would...
  2. To Walk With Thrust
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    To Walk With Thrust Introduction Throughout modern history, powerful nations have sought to expand their borders outwards into previously unexplored regions. Early explorers ventured into these strange new places, found numerous unusual wonders they could have never before imagined, and...
  3. Sundowner: A History Of The Cold War
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    The Final Push - November 1, 1945 “Quite fitting to the time of Halloween, the invasion of the Japanese homeland officially began this week. 630,000 US military personnel are operating on or near the tropical beaches of Kyushu, fighting in conditions absolutely never seen in the Pacific...
  4. SouthernWind

    Reactions to a Soviet Moon Landing

    Let us suppose that the Soviet Union, for a POD of your preference (Sergei Korolev does not die? Vasily Mishin is not chosen as his successor? The URSS take the Space race more seriously from the beginning? Choose the one you like more) manages to beat the United States to the moon, forever...
  5. SpaceOrbisGaming

    Moon Landing-United Nations Flag Seeing as the Moon landing is coming up in a few weeks (about 18 more days if I recall) I had an idea for an alt-history. What if instead of placing a US flag on the Moon, Neil Armstrong plants a United Nations flag. Would this...
  6. WI/PC: Project MOUSE (Minimal Orbital Unmanned Satellite, Earth)

    According to Wikipedia: Singer was one of the first scientists to urge the launching of earth satellites for scientific observation during the 1950s.[20] In 1951 or 1952 he proposed the MOUSE ("Minimal Orbital Unmanned Satellite, Earth"), a 100 pounds (45 kg) satellite that would contain Geiger...
  7. Michel Van

    For All Mankind (AH Tv series at Apple TV)

    Ronald D. Moore is back, This time for Apple new Streaming TV service and he bring Space Race and Alternate History Together in "For All Mankind" or What If the Soviet landed on Moon... First ?
  8. AHC/PC: X-15 carries the first human in space

    Plausibility check: X-15 being the first spacecraft to carry human in space, preferably in 1960-1961.
  9. The_Russian

    How would the space race be under Nixon?

    If Nixon won 1960, how would the space race go? Does the US still land on the moon? Do the Soviets get there first? What year would the first lunar mission be? How does NASA develop under Nixon being the 35th President?
  10. Carter-King: The Second American Revolution

    I’m wondering if this scenario has ever been explored. It’s rather utopian. I’d appreciate if anyone would like to brainstorm with me or even make this into a timeline. I’ll consider anything that comes out of this thread as a collaborative effort. The world this is for has already seen major...
  11. frenchiestfries

    WI: Kennedy's joint moon mission proposal goes through?

    In 1963, US President John F. Kennedy proposed a joint US-Soviet moon mission to the UN, to subvert the costs of the US Space Program as well as help thaw relations. Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko applauded and supported Kennedy's speech, saying that it was a "good sign", and recent evidence...
  12. IncongruousGoat

    The Stars Above: An Alternate Space Race
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    A/N: This is my first attempt at a serious timeline. All comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome. Chapter 1: It was the spring of 1955, and planning for the upcoming International Geophysical Year was in full swing. President Eisenhower had just ordered the formation of a committee to...
  13. SpaceOrbisGaming

    The Space Race Never Ends

    On July 20 1969 the United States of America landed the first manned mission on the surface of the moon and in so doing winning the space race. After that all manned missions have been done in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) but what if the space race continued. How would a much longer space race have...
  14. prolemasses

    NASA's Waterloo: A Realistic Mission to Mars Post Apollo
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    NASA's Waterloo October 2, 1983 Kennedy Space Center A crowd had gathered at Kennedy Space Center, larger than any seen since 1969. They cheered as the countdown timer approached the final minute. Miles away, on the pad, a white and black rocket glistened on the pad. Though larger, and more...
  15. DBWI: Yuri Gagarin is the first man into space

    On March 24th 1961 NASA's astronaut Alan Shepard became the first man in space when he rode Freedom 7 into space. The trip was reportedly a bumpy one with vibrations reported during the flight which I can't but think of a momentous decision made after the flight of Ham on January 31st. During...
  16. WI: Von Braun and his team killed by a Polish assassin

    Deborah Gadbury's book about the space race said that an angry Polish maid planned to kill von Braun and his team during their stay at a cottage in American occupied zone with gun but foiled by an observant American soldier. What might happen had the Polish got his way?
  17. AHC/PC: SSTO - "Single Stage to Orbit" vehicle

    With a PoD later than 1956 create plausible scenario about the construction and launch of the SSTO. Can include everything except open, hot war between the US and the Soviet Union (nuclear wars, surviving/reforming Soviet Union, technocratic movements, Sino-Soviet War and Nixon winning 1960...
  18. Sergei Korolev dies in the Gulag, 1939

    ...does the USSR completely lose the space race, and superpower status?
  19. WI: America takes the first images of lunar back side

    Pioneer P-1 was set to launch late September 1959, but before it could the rocket launcher without the payload exploded on pad during pre-flight tests. Suppose in another TL where the failure never happened and P-1 was launched mere days before...