southern italy

  1. Abd ar-Rahman II

    PC: Muslim settlement of Lucera (southern Italy) survive to modern time

    The Muslim settlement of Lucera (Lucaera Saracenorum or Lugêrah in Arabic) was a settlement created by Frederick II Hohenstaufen of Sicilian Muslim after their revolt in Sicily Frederick II started around 1220 expelling the Muslim from Sicily after failed revolt and afraid of them being too...
  2. AHC/WI: "The City of the Sun" becomes reality

    Hi all! Quarantine is making me delve deeper and deeper into AH rabbit holes, hence this unusual challenge. First, some context. Tommaso Campanella was an Italian Dominican philosopher, chiefly known for his utopian book The City of the Sun. What is maybe less known is that he made a real...
  3. AltoRegnant

    DBAHC: Make The Bishop of Rome A Political Figure

    OTL, after the fall of Rome in 476, while the Goths had the northern portion, the Patriarch of Rome quickly contacted the Eastern roman empire and asked for their protection. While they were there they also took southern italy, just in case. However, this ended any ideas that the spiritual...