president infinity

  1. President Forever and other 270sims games Megathread III

    Since last one has nothing from year so i decided to open third one. Seems they want to relase new PI. I m sceptical since 2020 one is broken much more than classic and i do not trust company which makes Liz Cheney centre left in congress infinity even if she has more than 50 score from American...
  2. yoted17

    ...and Tyler, Too!: What if John Tyler WON the 1844 Election?
    Threadmarks: 1 - The Election of 1844

    (Note: the following is an exploration of how John Tyler could have won the election of 1844, and some of the results of what might have happened afterwards, it is not wholly realistic, and is in fact inspired by a game of President Infinity that I played as Tyler and managed to just barely win...
  3. killertahu22

    For The Future: An ATL of LBJ against Romney in 1968

    I want to start an election map TL with some supplementary story to go with it as a sort of test for PI as well as world building I want to know which POD sounds coolest to you all! If it says open primary then that just means I will allow the primary to run and whoever wins the nomination...