pre-civil war

  1. How to Split Virginia before 1861

    From 1792 (when Kentucky became its own state) until 1861, the state of Virginia consisted of present-day Virginia and West Virginia. It was not until West Virginia broke off from Virginia during the Civil War that they became two separate states. Would a split of Virginia into two state before...
  2. TheHedgehog

    NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: The Wilmot Proviso Passes
    Threadmarks: ACT ONE, PART I

    NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM The Amendment Passes =================================== ACT ONE: The Great Divide Destiny Made Manifest From “Westward Expansion: An American Story” by Harold Freeman Published 1998 “The presidency of James K. Polk was defined by one question: should the United States...
  3. TunguskaStorm

    WI: The Missouri Compromise Had Not Passed?

    The Missouri Compromise. Also known as the Compromise of 1820, it made Maine a free state, Missouri a slave state, and drew a line through Oklahoma ensuring that the balance of power in the Senate would always be in PERFECT balance, right? Right? Wrong. Even though it did succeed in keeping...