How to Split Virginia before 1861

From 1792 (when Kentucky became its own state) until 1861, the state of Virginia consisted of present-day Virginia and West Virginia. It was not until West Virginia broke off from Virginia during the Civil War that they became two separate states. Would a split of Virginia into two state before 1861 be possible? If so, what would the state boundaries look like?
You could have the "Westsylvania" movement take hold. Opposing the border that was settled between Pennsylvania and Virginia. Instead of the Reverend James Finley's efforts to stamp out the movement, it inflames it even more. Those in Pennsylvania meet with those in Virginia and decide to petition the US Congress. Raising the notion of "New State or Fight!

or either the 1821 or 1850-1851 Virginia Constitutional Conventions be the spark that causes the Western Virginians to tell the Easterners to go $&%& themselves and decide we are a "New State or Fight!"