no ww2… maybe?

  1. Aluma

    PC/AHC: Delayed WWI - Can Imperial Germany go Nazi?

    One thing I often hear here is that World War 1 was inevitable with the upscaling of german military build-up, the alliance system and everything going around the balkans. Another is that Hitler and his gang would have easily been butterflied away from rising to power if any change were to...
  2. Višeslav

    Fatherland Falls

    FATHERLAND FALLS A Collaborative TL of the Interwar Years & Beyond Fatherland Falls is a closed collaborative timeline, so a few people are authoring it but we're not really looking for more contributors. The main guys on the project are @HeX @mikroraptor & myself, though I think Mikro & I are...
  3. Is an Italo-Polish alliance in the 30s possible?

    Could something like that work? Maybe as a result of a surviving Stresa front? France and Britain weren‘t particular eager to invade Germany to guarantee Polish independence, they might prefer if Italy and Poland (maybe Czechoslovakia as well) do it for them instead. Could there be a war...