napolenoic wars

  1. EasternRomanEmpire

    Expansion of Revolutionary France without Napoleon.

    Say Napoleon falls sick in the Egyptian campaign and dies. What would be the goals of another French government? Would they try to conquer more territories or would they be fine with trying to maintain the status quo?
  2. Kaiman

    Great Powers reaction to an Ottoman Collapse in 1807-1808

    Hey guys. I am currently writing a TL where Napoleon didn't make his two big blunders (The Peninsular War and the Invasion of Russia). I found an older post concerning what would happen if the Ottoman Empire collapsed due to the Palace Coups of 1807-1808. My main question is if Mahmud II is...
  3. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Keep the French Navy Strong for a Napoleonic Sealion

    We know the chances of a sealion is seen, by pretty much everyone, as zilch, both in the Napoleonic Era and in WW2 (though I see the WW2 one as Hitler trying to scare the British into suing for peace than not actually attempting an Operation Sealion). However, I recently read in a thread that...
  4. WI; Napoleon crowns himself Pharaoh in 1798, revives ancient Egypt?

    What would happen if Napoleon's campaign in Egypt is a massive success, and as a result he rules the Nile himself (never returning to take over France) - ultimately reviving the Egyptian religion (maybe Atenism, a more monotheistic interpretation being more palatable to Europeans?) and language...
  5. A winter in Smolensk, a sixth coalition TL
    Threadmarks: Part 1-Prelude

    In 1812, Napoleon stood as the almost uncontested master of Europe. His former German enemies, Austria and Prussia, stood humiliated and all but vassalized by the French eagles, while Russia now stood in an alliance with Napoleon. There was still the bleeding ulcer of the Iberian peninsula, but...
  6. Kurd Gossemer

    Gods of Destin situation Happens: Britain manages to be invaded and occupied by France. What happens next?

    The idea is very simple and based on the TL Gods of Destin: Napoleon doesn't send his infamous expedition towards Haiti and thus manages to safeguard one of his few good admirals as well as troops, thanks to a bit of luck and organization, a combined Franco Spanish fleet manages to clog the...
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