1. Who would Napoleon II (OTL Eaglet) had marry? Had the French Empire survived.

    Say Naopelon never invaded Spain and didn't go to war with Russia, by dissolving the CS. Thus Napoleon is able to be tolerated by the other countries, He spent his later years on domestic affairs, dies in 1832 from stomach cancer. Napoleon II is crowned Emperor of France, most of the countries...
  2. French Revolution NationSim game on Something Awful

    Ten years ago, one of the most magnificent alternate history forum games took place on the Something Awful forums. La Nation, la Loi, le Roi- A France NationSim stretched for just seven turns, running from Autumn 1791 to Spring 1793, but involved over two dozen players, and ran for 27 pages...
  3. WI Napoleon accepted the Austrian demands at Plaswitz

    The Austrians agreed to stay neutral if he gave up either Germany Poland, or the Illyrian provinces. Say he accepts the latter as I think that's the most palatable concession, how do things go from there?
  4. WI: No Bourbons Left To Restore

    What if the French House of Bourbon went extinct before Napoleon abdicated on April 11th 1814? Louis Joseph, Prince of Condé fails to flee France after the storming of the Bastille in 1789. He is executed in the Reign of Terror along with his son Louis Henri and grandson Louis Antoine. The...