French Revolution NationSim game on Something Awful

Ten years ago, one of the most magnificent alternate history forum games took place on the Something Awful forums. La Nation, la Loi, le Roi- A France NationSim stretched for just seven turns, running from Autumn 1791 to Spring 1793, but involved over two dozen players, and ran for 27 pages, until its two GMs finally got sick of it.

Now archived, I invite everyone interested in French Revolutionary history to check it out here:

Please note, the navigation buttons work, but the drop-down list does not. As such, for quick navigation, please consult the index here. Also, the image expansion ability is not working, so to see thumbnails in full, you'll have to right-click and open them in new tabs or windows.

Enjoy! I can post some highlights if anyone is interested but doesn't want to wade through all of it at once.

Bonus: the original FrenchRev wiki can be found here: