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  1. WI: Margaret of York has a son

    In OTL, Margaret of York, daughter of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville had a childless marriage with Charles the Bold. But what if Margaret had given birth to a son in 1473, named Phillip (after Charles' father). What would be the butterflies of this occurrence...
  2. The Grand Duchy of the West - A Valois-Burgundian TL

    Hello everyone! Consider this my new and improved Burgundian Timeline starting from the marriage of Charles the Bold and Margaret of York. Rather then continue to update chapters in my other tl, which is just gonna make everyone confused given the comments from older chapters, I'm just gonna...
  3. Isabella, Yorkist Queen

    What if Edward IV was the first child of his parents (instead of the third, switching birthdate with Anne) and Philip of Burgundy and Isabella of Portugal had also a surviving daughter (born in 1436) who married him in 1454, during York’s protectorate?
  4. The Marriage of the Century - A Burgundian Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1. Summer 1468

    Chapter 1. A joyous Entry in summer of 1468 Portrait of Charles the Bold and Margaret of York by Hans Memling, 1470-72. The duchess is wearing her necklace of white and red roses, as a symbol of her...
  5. The Bashful Bookworm

    The Princess over the Water: A Yorkist AU

    Let us hypothesize that Anne Neville survived her bout of tuberculosis in 1485, narrowly averting the fatal complications of OTL. Her recovery is certainly arduous, and her relationship with Richard is still under some relative strain, but by the time news breaks of Henry Tudor's plans to invade...