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  1. Germanus overthrows Justinian

    One of Justinian's generals Artabanes was refused marriage to Justinian's niece Praejecta. This disseffected general plotted to assassinate Justinian, and elevate Justinian's cousin Germanus on the throne instead. The conspirators approached Germanus's son Justin first, and revealed to him the...
  2. TheDoofusUser

    The Eternal Empire
    Threadmarks: Chapter I : An Imperial Heir, the Nika Riots, and Vandalic War

    The year of our lord Five Hundred and Thirty had come as a turning point for many in the world west of the Indus River [1] with the past 54 years being the main cause for what was to come. In the year 476, The King of the Goths Odoacer would depose the child Emperor Romulus Augustus, who ruled...
  3. Byzantines conquer most (or all) of Spain?

    Let's say that the Gothic War is a lot shorter ITTL (say it lasts "just" five years instead of almost twenty) so that, by the 550s, the Eastern Roman Empire's finances are in much better shape despite the plague. Because of this, they are considerably more successful in their invasion of...
  4. WI: Justinian and Theodora have male issue

    What if Justinian I and his wife Theodora had at least one healthy son? How might history have been altered?
  5. WI: Justinian and/or Theodora killed in the Nika riots

    What if the Nika riots had played out differently, and Justinian, Theodora or both were killed during them? How might history have been altered?