generalplan ost

  1. Role of Slavery in a victorious Nazi Germany

    The Holocaust as well as Generalplan Ost are well known aspects of Nazi Germans that any half decent Nazi victory TL talk about. Less attention, however, is put on the slavery system that Nazi Germany had. Before death camps became the staple for extermination of “Undesirables” towards the end...
  2. Mein Sieg: A Successful Third Reich
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    MEIN SIEG _____________________________________________________ a History of the Third Reich and the World from 1939-present Edited by Brad Richard There is no doubt that the post-WW1 world revolves around The Third Reich and its relationship with other countries, namely the Western Powers who...
  3. What Goes Up Must Come Down: A Third Reich Cold War TL
    Threadmarks: Facing the Music

    June 10, 1990 Prachtallee, Welthauptstadt Germania, German Reich 30 year old Ernst Gellman was a man of two minds: one seeking to serve the Reich, the other seeking its end. His teacher, his Hitler Youth commander, his parents, his training adviser, all told him that if he fought for the...