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  1. How might a surviving Palmyrene and/or Gallic Empire evolve?

    Let's suppose that the Palmyrene and/or Gallic Empires managed to survive as independent polities. How might they have developed?
  2. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Known Unknown

    ---------------------- Part 1: Known Unknown One of the most frustrating but important battles to study by far is the Battle of Resaena, which took place in what was then Roman Syria in 243. Other than the fact that Roman and Persian arms clashed with great ferocity when the event took place...
  3. WI: Tetricus wins the Battle of Châlons

    What if Tetricus had managed to win the Battle of Châlons? Could it have saved the Gallic Empire?
  4. Gaul/Gallic empire survives. What happens to the Germans?

    The rise and fall of the Gauls and the Gallic empire was a rather interesting piece of European history. Native Celts in modern day France trying to fend off Roman invaders and eventually rebelling and attempting to form their own empire/nation only to fall in a matter of years and the Gauls...