Gaul/Gallic empire survives. What happens to the Germans?

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    Jul 26, 2018
    The rise and fall of the Gauls and the Gallic empire was a rather interesting piece of European history. Native Celts in modern day France trying to fend off Roman invaders and eventually rebelling and attempting to form their own empire/nation only to fall in a matter of years and the Gauls eventually becoming another people integrated into the Roman, and eventually Romance, civilization. But I'm not talking about what will happen to Gaul/Gallic empire or the Romans if either lived on. I'm talking about what happens to the German barbarians that eventually brought an end to the Western Roman empire. If the region remains dominated by Celts, what would happen to the Germans? Would they still try to cross the Rhine and bring an end to both the Gauls and Romans? Would the Franks try to integrate Gaul into itself or remain in Germania? Would the Franks, along with the Visigoths and Lombards, even exist? Tell me what your thoughts about it are.
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    May 26, 2009

    Gallic Empire would speak a mix of Latin and Gaulish.
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    Nov 21, 2014
    Not really, it would be mostly Latin speaking.

    To have a surviving Gallic empire you need to somehow make the Gallic emperor succeed well enough to survive but not well enough compared to the other emperors to take over all the empire.

    It wouldn't be Celtic and it would have similar problems the Roman empire had in defending the territory, especially considering its long term independence is not really to be taken for granted and you would see conflict with other Roman states.
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    I suppose that would make sense considering how long the celts in France and been under Roman rule. And I could also see why the nation would have trouble keeping itself together. I'm wondering about Gaul in this case now, but I feel like keeping that place alive would make many more butterflies than just how it affects the Germans.