1. The Ballad of the Lovecraft: A Collaborative Pop Culture TL

    IDEA: Two acclaimed authors whose work everyone copies but has failed on television and the movies is Edgar Rice Burroughs (Jon Carter of Mars) and H.P. Lovecraft. Starting in the 1920s/1930s till now, make the franchises of John Carter of Mars and Lovecraftian media as popular as Star Trek or...
  2. Jaguars4life

    Quitting at the Wrong Time:A Collaborative Timeline

    This is a collaborative TL in the style of The Selma Massacre in which this TL will be told from news articles historical view points etc. This TL is what if FDR followed his doctor in January 1944 and resigned the presidency and gave it to Henry Wallace. January 29th 1944- THE NEW YORK TIMES-...