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  1. The Six Queens of Francis the First

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    Alternate spouses for Francis I and Claude of France?

    Anne, Duchess of Brittany was determined to preserve Brittany’s separation from France. In various unsuccessful attempts to save the autonomy of her Duchy, she married herself to Maximilian of Austria to try and ward off the advances of Charles VIII of France, stipulated in her marriage contract...
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    The children of Francis I - Alternate TL
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    19 August 1515 Francis I of France waited expectantly for his wife and queen, Claude, to give birth. Truthfully she was a bit young to go through childbirth but both were in desperate need of heirs to secure the successions of France and Brittany, although he did wish that she allowed Brittany...
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    WI: Claude of France outlives Francis I?

    Very simple really...Claude of France, first wife and queen of Francis I, died at the age of 24 in 1524 after giving birth to seven children. She was also ruling Duchess of Brittany although she shared this power with her eldest son, also named Francis. Her husband meanwhile died in 1547, having...
  5. Claude of France Doesn't Marry Francis I?

    Anne of Brittany had several pregnancies during her marriage to Louis XII: Claude of France b. 1499 Miscarriage b. 1500 Stillborn Son b. 1503 Miscarriage b. 1503 Miscarriage b. 1505 Miscarriage b. 1508 Miscarriage b. 1509 Renee of France b. 1510 Stillborn Son b. 1512 Let's say that the...