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  1. Petike

    Alternate air force roundels and markings thread (Mk III)

    Welcome to the new thread ! If you have any civil aviation or air forces related roundels, markings and other emblems from timelines and alternate worlds you'd like to share with others in the Maps and Graphics Forum, this is the thread for you. The older two threads have run their course and...
  2. Truthin History

    Why wasn't Gustave Whitehead credited with "first flight" ahead of the Wrights?

    The alternative truth about who invented the first successful airplane and made the first successful flight of mankind is controversial. Gustave Whitehead is said to be have successfully flown a powered aeroplane of his own invention - closer to the design of modern planes than the Wright Flyer...
  3. Tales Weaver

    The Starry Flight: an Aviation TL
    Threadmarks: OP

    well.. here is my first TL. please enjoy. this TL deals with the POD of Samsung purchase attempt of Fokker. In OTL, it failed as Hanjin and Daewoo didn't participate in the consortium, but in This TL, it succeeds. well.. enjoy the TL.
  4. WI No Rolls-Royce Jet Engines for the USSR

    In 1947 a total of 55 Rolls-Royce Nene jet engines were sold to the Soviet Union as a gesture of good will. A part of the sales agreement was that the engines not be used for military purposes. The Soviets reneged on the deal after the Cold War began and reverse engineered the Nene to develop...
  5. Teriyaki

    Human Flight Never Happens

    Point of Divergence ... During the course of history, one of mankind's dreams was to fly like the birds in the sky. From the ancient Greeks who had the myth of Icarus flying too close to the sun, the ancient Chinese who perfected the balloon and used man flying kites for military purposes and...
  6. Petike

    Roland Garros has worse engine trouble, crashes before reaching Bizerte

    Roland Garros was a fairly important pioneering figure among early French aviators and WWI French fighter pilots. Bet you've heard of him. Like many aviation pioneers, there are a few PODs surrounding him that have intrigued me for a long time. Let's look at his OTL track record first: He was...