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  1. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    A (late) Central Powers Victory: Some Musings

    For me, the first world war is more interesting than the second. Now, don't get me wrong; WWII is still utterly fascinating. I especially love the technology, from the A-Bomb to the B-29 to the FG-42 and plenty more. But when reading about WWII, I always felt like the Axis were on borrowed time...
  2. Wien burns

    what would have happened if between 1913 and 1914 (you decide whether before or after the war) a great fire occurs in Wien? The fire puts Austria in crisis and kills Franz Joseph, Franz Ferdinand, Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky and Freud, all people who were in the city at that time
  3. Demographics of a surviving Austria-Hungary (again)

    Quite some time passed since I posted this thread: Since then, I kept revisiting the topic starting from scratch every time. At this point, I finally reached a point where I'm more or less...
  4. WI: Contained war between Austria-Hungary and Russia in 1914

    Starting from around the turn of the century, Austria-Hungary begins to arm itself at the same pace as the other European Great Powers. Could the Dual Monarchy stand its ground on its own against Russia? The conflict would still be ignited by the Sarajevo assassination, the subsequent...
  5. Cities of a modern day Austria-Hungary

    Hello there, everyone! After a relatively long absence, here I come with yet another Austria-Hungary thread! In the table below, I compiled a list of Austro-Hungarian cities, which I would expect to reach the size of atleast a hundred thousand by 2019 in my TL. To summarise this alternate...
  6. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: WW1 with pro Central Powers Serbia/Greece and Pro Entente Bulgaria/Ottoman Empire

    AHC: Devise a scenario for how WW1 begins and unfolds with a pro-German/Austro-Hungarian Serbia and Greece alongside a pro-Entente Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. What are the preconditions for such a system of alliances to emerge? How would the war play out assuming in the event of an Entente or...
  7. Tanner151

    Der Kampf: The Rise and Fall of the Austrian Führer
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    Der Kampf: The Rise and Fall of the Austrian Führer Prelude “A plague has been loosed upon the continent and it comes in the form of a failed Austrian artist.” -George Lloyd, Head of the House of Lords, 1939 "With the outbreak of war between the United Kingdom and the Japanese Empire, I...
  8. Avrorrange

    AHC/WI:Congo Free State Franz-Joseph edition?

    Franz Joseph once called Leopold II of Belgium a “thoroughly bad man”.But suppose that he was the one in charge of the Congo Free state(or whatever it is if it is an Austrian colony instead of his private possession), how much of an improvement would it have been? What would have driven Franz...
  9. WI: English as command language for Austro-Hungarian Army

    As the title says, what if the Austro-Hungarians adopt English as the command language in their common army? Let's say, it happen somewhere between 1890 and 1900. What are your thoughts? How does it influence the military performance and Austria-Hungary in general?
  10. What if: the Austro-Hungarian empire federalises

    In OTL the Austro-Hungarian empire disolved due to ethnic tension. Much of this ethnic tension was motivated by priviliges for Germans and Hungarians. What if another solution was presented to the Austrio-Hungarian question? What if the empire was federalised? Federalisation instead of...