austrian alternate history

  1. luxtaythe2nd

    ATL: Potsdam, Yalta, and others go differently and the Cold War goes down a weird path

    This is an alternate timeline in which a bunch of conferences, treaties, wars, and other stuff that defined the Cold War are done differently (however unrealistic they may be), causing a snowball effect that would make the Cold War go very differently (and also very wacky). This is my first big...
  2. Sarthak

    Engelbert Dollfuss pulls an early Franco -Restores Otto von Habsburg

    what if in early 1934, Engelbert Dollfuss restored the Austrian monarchy with Otto Von Habsburg at its helm? And during the chaos of transition he is still assassinated allowing Otto to outmanoeuvre the radicals in the Austrian government and set up at least a semi-democratic government? What...
  3. DCPritt


    What if H.M. Emperor Franz Josef I had died of pneumonia in 1913 instead of 1914 and was succeeded to the throne by Emperor Franz Ferdinand? What will the ramifications be of this and how will it affect the world and the empire going forward. This thread will explore that reign and result.
  4. Atterdag

    What if Prague remained the Habsburg capitol?

    I have watched the youtuber Brainsforbreakfast's very entertaining video 'the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Germany'. In this he brings up reasons why it was Prussia and not Austria which united Germany. One of the reasons he lists is the fact that the Danube, flowing through...
  5. Found an AH book for Austria

    Recently I found what is probably the first AH book specifically about Austrian history. It contains no less than fourteen scenarios - one set in Ancient times, three in the medieval ages, four in the early modern age, the rest in the long 19th century. The book is only available in German, but...