august coup

  1. Martin lancaster

    What if the August Coup turned into a Civil War?

    How long would this civil war last?
  2. What if the August Coup never happened?

    In August 1991, communist hardliners in the Soviet Union attempted to remove reformist head of state Mikhail Gorbachev from power and "correct course". However, the coup attempt was poorly organized and proved an utter failure, collapsing in only two days. Not only that, but rather than saving...
  3. ImperialxWarlord

    No 1991 August Coup

    What if the coup d’etat attempt against Gorbachev never happened? Does the New Union treaty get signed and reform the USSR? How would things differ for the lands of the USSR in comparison to OTL? What events are likely to be changed by this?
  4. Most likely result of a successful August Coup in the USSR in 1991?

    I've been reading some threads on this forum on the August Coup, an attempted 1991 Soviet coup d'état. Communist hardliners tried to seize power from Gorbachev, President and General Secretary of the USSR. They opposed his reforms and the new union treaty, which decentralized a lot of power to...
  5. The 1991 soviet August Coup succeeds

    The august coup and its impact is a difficult topic to discuss. We will never know for sure if it could have succeeded or if the provisional government could have lasted. This is not meant to be an alternate history question, but rather a discussions about what you guys think on tge august...