1. Psyfyman81

    From the Earth to the Stars: A US-German Space Race (The Full Timeline)

    "There is no easy way from the earth to the stars." -Seneca the Younger (4 BCE-65 CE) 1919-1949 (The first thirty years) Setting the Stage Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points were idealistic and perhaps exceptionally foolhardy, but the text's substance implies a utopian vision for the future. In...
  2. ASB: The Immortal Triumvirite Get Their Last Speeches ( 1850 ) in 1815??

    As the title says. How would Webster, Clay, and Calhoun react to getting a copy of their speeches from 1850 without any other context?
  3. What if the America took control of Liberia in 1847 instead of letting it become independent? (Kinda ASB)

    On July 26th, 1847, Liberia declared independence from the United States of America and was recognized by the US in 1862. Since then, Liberia has had a close relationship with America and relies on it economically. But what if, instead of declaring independence, Liberia became an official US...
  4. No Camels

    What if Camels never existed? How would the history of the middle east, north africa and central asia change?
  5. World Mapping

    ASB WI: TL-191 United States, Quebec, and Texas as of 1944 get ISOTed to OTL 2022?

    If the United States of America, Republic of Quebec, and the Second Republic of Texas, as of 1944 A.D. in the TL-191 universe, were ISOTed to OTL 2022, what would ensue? Here's a *map: *Made some assumptions in regards to what the postwar situation looks like. I assumed the U.S. would gain...
  6. Pipcard

    JAXA+ | What if Japan had an unlimited space budget? | 2060-02-18 - Massive crewed missions to Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and more! [VIDEO]
    Threadmarks: 202X - Intro and H-Z rocket

    In response to the Japanese economy and space program losing its ambitions in almost every modern timeline, an alien space bat decided to give the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) an unlimited budget and resources for space development. The agency thus became known as JAXA+. The early...
  7. Marklin

    WI Bring the Jubilee TV Series?

    While I was browsing Wikipedia, I read that one of Philip K Dick's main inspirations for his novel Man in the High Castle was Ward Moore's Bring the Jubilee. In some ways, they aren't really that different, both are a classic take on a popular WI scenario leading to a world on the brink of war...
  8. ASB Infobox Thread

    Feel free to post in this ASB Infobox thread
  9. GameBawesome

    Effects of Spanish Conquistadors incursions into China

    In the 16th Century, the Spanish Conquistadors had fantasized taking over China, or a least bits of China. Realistically, no way the Spanish were ever going to conquer China, or even mainland Asia (See Cambodia) So what would be the consequences of Spanish Conquistadors starting unauthorized...