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  1. QuinnMallory

    Clinton resigns after Lewinsky scandal?

    Say Bill Clinton figures Gore is just as capable of being President as he is, and will be more effective as President without a black mark, and decided to resign. How does that change 2000? Does incumbency push Gore over the line in Florida, or does the scandal actually hurt him more? What would...
  2. Vidal

    Simba Roars
    Threadmarks: I am Simba, Hear me Roar

    I Am Simba, Hear Me Roar BY MAX RUSH || AUGUST 2000 Senator John McCain officially became the Republican nominee for President of the United States at the party’s national convention last week in Philadelphia. Just seven months ago, members of the Republican Party establishment and the news...
  3. WI Clinton Impeachment Succeeds (Removed or Resigned)

    Figured this was timely moment to review this potential PoD. Some choice comments from last discussion:
  4. If Gore Had Won in 2000, How Could He Have Addressed Climate Change?

    Since the 1980s, Al Gore's chief policy issue has been climate change. He published the book An Inconvenient Truth in 1989, and starred in a 2006 documentary of the same name. Most discussions about a Gore victory in 2000 tend to focus on how he might've handled 9/11 and the economy differently...
  5. EternalMadness1997

    Land of Confusion: A U.S. Timeline
    Threadmarks: 2000 Election I: Only 1% Off

    Author's Note: That's right, stepping into the Non-Gaming timeline ring! This is my take on a Gore presidency, though I do warn you all, there will be some twists you may not expect later on down the road. For now though, let's be fixated on the man, the myth, the legend himself, Albert Arnold...
  6. Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton
    Threadmarks: Ch. 1: White House, January 25, 1998

    Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton January 25, 1998 It was going to be a relatively nice day, the high near 45. Sunday traffic was lighter in D.C., not that it mattered for the President’s motorcade. But despite having the ultimate right of way, it was still a few minutes behind...
  7. If Cuomo Had Run in 1992, Who Would've Been His Running Mate?

    In 1991, New York Governor Mario Cuomo famously dithered over whether or not to run for President in the upcoming Democratic primaries. Ultimately he decided not to run, claiming that New York's budget problems were too much of a distraction, and Bill Clinton was nominated instead. Had Cuomo...
  8. Anarcho-Occultist

    To the Edge and Maybe Over: An Alternate 21st Century
    Threadmarks: Part 1

    So this is an idea I've had in my head for a while and posted parts of in the alternate wikibox thread. I suck at consistent posting schedules, but I'll try to keep updates pretty frequent Part 1 “I want to finally get something done on Social Security. I want younger workers to be able to...
  9. dw93

    DBWI: Dick Cheney Agrees to be George W. Bush's running mate in 2000?

    According to George W. Bush's memoir "Decision Points," in 2000, Bush, after having him head his Vice Presidential selection team, asked his father's former Secretary of Defense and Former White House Chief of Staff for Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney to be his running mate. Cheney declined, citing his...
  10. Calcaterra

    AHC/WI: Bush Wins Both The Electoral & Popular Votes In 2000

    Just as the tin says, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to give Dubya the total win over Gore in 2000, and explain the aftermath of such an event.
  11. For a Gore Prosperous Tomorrow
    Threadmarks: Gore Administration- The Beginning

    Well, this is my first timeline! A timeline where Al Gore instead of George W. Bush became President of the United States in 2000. It's a bit of a classic, but there's alot of potential here and I am happy to take suggestions, criticisms and corrections since politics is not exactly my forte...
  12. WI: Clinton Taps Tom Harkin in 1992

    What if, instead of picking Al Gore, Bill Clinton taps Iowa Senator Tom Harkin to be his VP? Does this impact the 1992 presidential race? Would Harkin have beaten George W. Bush in 2000?
  13. anim8orkid

    WI: McCain doesn't run in 2000.

    A similar thread was posted in this forum a few years ago and prompted some interesting discussion: I'd like to revive this WI, focusing in particular on how McCain's absence would affect Bill Bradley's performance...
  14. Clinton Resigns in 1998. What Does Gore Do?

    The POD is Bill Clinton resigns over the Lewinsky scandal in 1998, making Al Gore the 43rd US President. How does Gore handle domestic and foreign policy? Can he work with the Republican Congress to get legislation passed? Would he win in 2000?
  15. X_X

    I Remember A Place Called Hope: The Clinton Assassination and Gore Presidency
    Threadmarks: Prolouge

    The tragic thing is, he was never supposed to have been in D.C. that wintery afternoon. Clinton’s planned 1994 European diplomacy tour, which would’ve included Clinton’s signing of the historic Kremlin accords, had been delayed for February rather than January. Ironically this had partly been...
  16. TheDetailer

    Popular Culture under Al Gore Presidency?

    In an ATL, Al Gore wins the Presidential Election in 2000 against George Bush, going to lead the United States for the next 4-8 years. How would this affect movies, books, television, music, video games, the internet, and other forms of entertainment throughout his years in office and beyond...
  17. If Gore Wins in 2000 and McCain Wins in '04, Who Wins in '08?

    The year is 2000. Vice-President Al Gore narrowly defeats George W. Bush to become the 43rd US President. Four years later, Gore loses his re-election bid to Senator John McCain. In 2008 President McCain is running for re-election, at least if his health permits. Under these circumstances, and...
  18. DBWI: Bill Clinton Doesn't Resign

    On September 23, 1998, President Bill Clinton resigned after meeting with the Democratic Congressional leadership at the White House. Al Gore was sworn in as the 43rd President. What would it take to prevent Clinton from resigning? Would Clinton be able to survive the impeachment process? How...
  19. WI: Gore Runs in 2004

    In the lead up to the 2004 election, Al Gore was widely expected to run for President once again. But he declined. What if Gore had run?