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  1. AH Video Games

    I've always thought that that was an underrated game, it wasn't exceptional, but it was a fun game.
  2. President Elect 1988 - Megathread

  3. USA North stays Republican, South stays Democrat

    No he did not. :rolleyes:
  4. Map Thread XIII

    Oh stop flattering ole Kirsten now would you? ;)
  5. Map Thread XIII

    Haha sounds legit. :p
  6. Map Thread XIII

    Sounds legit. :D
  7. Map Thread XIII

    I didn't understand a word you said, but I like masses of land named after me; so I'll roll with it.
  8. Map Thread XIII

    Florida Good Florida Win.
  9. WI Stalin had annexed all his conquests?

    Outright annexation would have infuriated the West through, it would have made the war seem pointless.
  10. WI Stalin had annexed all his conquests?

    I think that would likely result in World War III between the Soviets and the Allies.
  11. Truman at Yalta

    As did I. :eek:
  12. Better Al Gore Running Mate

    I think Graham would've been a better running mate honestly.
  13. WI: President Buchanan Dies on December 21st, 1860?

    Bullshit, Breckinridge was a traitor through and through, he would've done about as much as Buchie did.
  14. The US senate bans violent games

    Such a ban would have immediately been struck down as Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, as it violates the First Amendment.
  15. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II

    I don't really have evidence, I just find it incredibly unlikely; especially if the election goes in a similar manner to OTL.
  16. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II

    Polls taken months before the election.
  17. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II

    Still, it seems unlikely she wouldn't win at least Virginia in this case.
  18. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II

    Same, and she's definitely winning Virginia and North Carolina if there is enough of a swing for her to win Arkansas.
  19. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II

    I really doubt she'd have lost North Carolina and Virginia.
  20. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    It seems that they are adding a new feature that will allow you to make some sort of account on the site that will allow you to automatically save game results and such; it seems to be in the pre-alpha stage through.