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  • Zulfurium

  • I thought I would let everyone know that I have been working hard on ADiJ for the past couple months, working to build a backlog. The writing is taking time, but I am now working on the last part of Update 31 and plan to release each update in halves (so in effect 2 narrative updates and 7 (nearly 8) updates). Plan is to have written up to Update 33 before I start posting anything.
  • Nerdman3000

  • Are there any plans to eventually continue your A Day in July timeline?
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    Zulfurium 4
    I have been contacted about someone willing to do some work on the TL, so there should probably be something coming up some time soon. We are working to figure out what exactly it will look like, but there are some things in the works.
    Wolttaire 1
    YAHHH! I loved that timeline was actually searching for it today
  • rommel12

  • you're still going to continue the story
    Zulfurium 1
    I have it on the backburner at the moment because I am trying my hand at writing an actual novel. I will probably get back to it at a later point. I am happy to see that people are still interested though.
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