Dec 13, 2008
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Russian Hacker

    1. IanIachimoe
      Can you do a scenario where the roman empire, byzantium and persia all survive to the modern day? I know it's implosible but a man of your talents can achieve that.
    2. Earthallias
      What do alternate history works look like in scarlet storm
    3. Earthallias
      Is the Eirlann Empire from the Eternal war map based on any pre existing group or is it original?
      1. MuricanTauri1776
        Not RvB, but Eirlann = Ireland
        Mar 4, 2019
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    4. Acenos
      the reason why i couldnt do it is because of all the details. look i made that steven universe basemap but i cant do the antartica on myself due to the amount of islands it has
      1. rvbomally
        That’s unfortunate, but none of this is relevant to the reasons why I don’t want to make the map. Re-read my previous response.
        Sep 6, 2018
    5. Acenos
      is there anyone out there who can do it? You already did a similar one for green antarctica,why not for the great white south antarctica?
      1. rvbomally
        I don't know if anyone else can do it. The reason I don't want to make one for this is:

        1. It is time consuming.
        2. The process is very complex.
        3. I've forgotten how to actually do it.
        Sep 6, 2018
    6. Acenos
      Would you please do a worlda with the Great White south antarctica in it?
      1. rvbomally
        I already replied to your deviantArt note on the issue.
        Sep 5, 2018
    7. Ernak
      Congo EEUSG is back in business! I have more time now, so check the conversation.
    8. karatachi
      Please give new discord link!
    9. Ernak
      Sorry 'bout the dead EEUSG, just really busy with work. I'll try an get back to it
    10. Ernak
      Finished the AOW entry, check the conversation
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    11. Sirion
      thanks for liking my map!
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    12. Earthallias
      How many countries have you made into powers in all your maps?
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      2. rvbomally
        Jan 19, 2018
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    13. Nerdman3000
      Could we perchance get threadmarks in Vivere Militare Est?
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      2. rvbomally
        Good idea!
        Jan 18, 2018
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    14. Aaaaasima
      What's the font and the size you use for your maps? I really like your maps and I would like to create something similar.
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      2. rvbomally
        0b403. 6 pt.
        Jan 17, 2018
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      3. Aaaaasima
        Sorry, but I don't get the first part.
        Jan 17, 2018
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    15. The-Artist-64
      Happy Birthday to your account! 9 years old, the little rascal. :D
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    16. 245
      I have a question for you, how many times do you visit your devinetart account? also I saw your braking the glass idea, have you thought of showing it to alternate history.com?
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    17. FriendofGod
      Hello rvbomally, RebelofGod from deviantart here. I'm just here to ask when is the next update to rogue gallery coming.
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    18. 245
      I have a question about AAPA, what happened to Islam and Judaism in the present setting? and what happened to latin America in the 19th century after the pod?
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    19. Jcw3
      Really cool to see you like one of my maps. Thanks!
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      2. rvbomally
        No problem, I liked your work. In fact, if you have ideas for what the rest of the world looks like, I'd love to do a world map cover.
        Jul 22, 2017
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      3. Jcw3
        Oh wow. That'd be really cool. Unfortunately, I didn't really have many ideas for the outside world. The only things I had confirmed in my mind were that, after the Second American-Confederate War (or the Second Civil War, depending on who you ask), the Americans did get involved in a victorious war against Britain (presumably while they were distracted elsewhere).
        Jul 22, 2017
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      4. Jcw3
        I honestly couldn't say what the rest of the world looks like, so if you do want to do a scenario based off of it, you have my blessing to do whatever you please outside of North America.
        Jul 22, 2017
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