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    1. Vixagoras
      I guess I can't send you a private message...

      So, sometime ago, you and I had an altercation in a thread regarding possible Polynesian colonization of the Americas. In that thread, you alluded to your disagreement with the Out of Taiwan hypothesis for the spread of Austronesian languages. Despite our differences though, I was actually pretty interested in hearing what you had to say on the matter.
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      2. Revachah
        Aug 10, 2017
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    I talk anything relating to Africa, African Diaspora, The Black Atlantic, the Black Indo-Atlantic, Melanesia, Australia, colonial mixed race populations globally, Indigenous North America, Agricultural development, plant-human dynamics, gender variance and a host of other stuff.

    Honestly I'm a sweet person, I just don't have time for non-researched responses and will clap back with the fury.



    "...Don't feel bad if you can't sing along, Just be glad you got the whole wide world. This us, This shit is for us, Some shit you can't touch." -F.U.B.U. Solange