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  • kelgar04

  • Given what you mentioned in the Sir John Carden thread about the Buc and the TSR-2, I’m curious I spoke to a person who worked on it and they said they had a game changer on their hands if it had been more competently managed instead of trying to mash different corps together could they have gotten it to work?
    Ramp-Rat 1
    Britains high tech sector post war was a complete mess, with a combination of management that lacked any professional qualifications, and civil servants who didn’t understand anything that occurred after the Roman Republic. Had the government seriously perused some serious measures to rationalise British industry, it might have taken a far better course.
    Agreed unfortunately I think there were very few who sat in office really understood what they had.
  • Marquis

  • Just been looking at your Britain 1957 ISOT, (alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/britan-1957-isoted-to-1907.169836/page-2#post-3748750), and even though I'm 7 years too late, I just want be a minor-details Nazi =D. "none is armed with anything bigger than a 6 inch gun", though she'd need her armament (at least for'ard) to be re-emplaced, HMS Cumberland is still around...
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