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  • kmmontandon

  • I'm very slowly working my way through the first part of "Keynes' Cruisers," and while reading about the preparations in the Philippines I was wondering - have you ever read "The Fleet the Gods Forgot"? It's a very detailed account of each ship of the Asiatic Fleet in late '41/early '42, and of their crews.
    I have not read that particular book; I will see it out at the library next time.
  • Anarch King of Dipsodes

  • October 4, 1941 near Lake Baikal, Trans Siberian railroad...

    East bound trains held ... hundreds of Jews who were still being let out into the wider world by the Japanese consul in Manchuko.

    ITYM Lithuania. Also, Vice-Consul Sugihara, who issued visas to Jews, left the country on 4 September 1940, when it was annexed by the USSR.
  • Anarch King of Dipsodes

  • "Re bagpipes, they are awesome except when some asshole played them at 600 am near your dorm room on Saturday mornings. Not the best way to wake up hungover."

    Ever read George MacDonald Fraser's "McAuslan" stories? One of them is "Johnnie Cope in the Morning". In this battalion, the pipe band blows reveille every Friday, by playing "Hey Johnnie Cope" at full blast just outside the junior subalterns' quarters.
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