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  • Lady Visenya

  • Hey, I'd kind of like to make a map request (or two) here. One is ASB and the other is mostly just a regional map that I'd make but lack the talent to do.
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    Ephraim Ben Raphael 1
    I'm afraid that all of my map-making energy is currently devoted to making a map for a quest on SV. What sort of scenarios did you have in mind though?
  • MiketheamericanXD2001

  • Do you take requests?
  • UEG Historical Records

  • Dear Ephraim Ben Raphael,

    I have been following a lot of your maps but I have taken interest in one map that has sea levels above 1,500m. Do you still have it? Could you sent me the link to the thread where is located. I know you mentioned it on Map Thread X (I think) but I can't find it.

    UEG Historical Records

    P.S. I really liked The Falcon Cannot Hear. You're such a Master! 😄
  • KolyenuKS

  • hey quick question, if I ever get into eu4 modding (aside from my current mod that I'm testing my skills with), is it alright if I do a mod based on your Stars and Stripes Forever Timeline? I'll give credit in the steam description.
  • charlesthe50th

  • Do you have a full list of threads of the projects you've made? I love all of your work but I can't seem to find all of it. Also, any suggestions to timelines or ISOTS that have maps to accompany them would be fantastic.
    Thanks so much, Charles
  • Clandango

  • In Bring Me Men to Match My Mountains, is the Meriga Republic named after America? Only realized the possibility once reading it again after all these years and spotting the mention you made of how they had adopted so many trappings and ideas from America.
  • Frame

  • Thank you so much for all of the amazing writing you have done. You offer such a fantastic and educated view into history that totally encapsulates my mind. You've given me something to look forward to in a difficult time in my life and for that you have my highest gratitude. :)
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    Ephraim Ben Raphael 1
    You are very, very welcome. :) That's high praise and it means more than I can say. I've been using my writing here to work through some things myself, and the thought that I'm helping give someone else through their difficulties is an amazing one.
  • Deaf Peregrine

  • Hello. I'm an enormous fan of The Falcon Cannot Hear, but there's something I don't understand. Why did Stalin invade China? I've heard he was very risk averse, so it doesn't seem to make sense that he'd try to conquer the world's most populous country.
  • miner249er

  • do you think you'll ever return to Zion Lies West?
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    Ephraim Ben Raphael 1
    Occasionally, it was my first real TL and I have fond memories of it. But the truth is that I'd run out of ideas for where to go next- I wasn't sure what to do with the plot. If I ever return to it, it'll be to do a reboot.
  • erty10089

  • Do you think you could set up a discord for EEUSG?
    Ephraim Ben Raphael
    I honestly have no idea how to do that.
    It's not that hard, you just need like an email to make a discord account, and once you do that, just click the giant circle with a plus sign and choose to make a server and you're pretty much done. It should be straightforward on how to make new channels, just click the button in the channel list column.
  • 245

  • in your embervers timeline, what happen to the African Americans after the change and what was there situation in the north american African colony's? also what happen to Hollywood?
  • 245

  • I have 2 questions, if I were to make a realistic embervers timeline, what advice can you give me to improve on it. and question 2, if the change happen in 2018 or 2017, how different would the world be from the change happening in 1998? Im sorry for bothering you again, I wont harass you again.
    Ephraim Ben Raphael
    1. Most Emberverse states should be based around surviving governments institutions, they're a lot better positioned than random survivalists to do well in an apocalypse. Plus your protagonists should occasionally lose wars.
    Ephraim Ben Raphael
    2. There are 46 million more American in the US today than in 1998, there are also a lot fewer American troops present in the country. You also might be more likely to see radical political groups like the alt-right or antifa taking advantage of the chaos, although that's questionable.
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