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Aug 23, 2017
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      So im wondering, what happens to Judaism in the embervers, just a genearelzaion of the religion not a full essey of it. I'm guessing Islam started having prophets appeared and being very conservative. Except in liberal countrys. Also what happened to Hollywood and Boston and southeast Asia and Porto Rico. I just want does answer and I will leave you alone,also I enjoy our talks, your a good person to talk too.
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    1. 245
      really I just want the generalization of the changes to the religion in the timeline,not a essay about each one.
    2. 245
      Thanks really I just want to what happen to dose place and religions. These questions have been driving me insane.
      1. Ephraim Ben Raphael
        I'm currently writing a TL (Deo Vindice) about the reactions of world religions to an ISOT. It presently stands at around 40,000 words. Addressing the reactions of a religion as vast as Islam or Buddhism to the Change would be a tremendous task- never mind that the focus of my TL was on North America so I didn't really think about those faiths.
        May 22, 2017
    3. 245
      I have one more question about the embervers timeline and I will leave you alone. How Boston and Hollywood and central and southeast Asia and Porto Rico. How much has Islam and Judaism and oferdox chrisanity has change and also Buddhism and how dose the economy work. Please don't report me for annoying you.
      1. Ephraim Ben Raphael
        I won't report you if you stop.
        May 22, 2017
    4. 245
      Bummer,I really like that world, well can you at least answer my questions then and also how's the carbean and Japan.
    5. 245
      Is there a way for me to ask you a couple of questions about your embervers timeline.
      1. Ephraim Ben Raphael
        Oh, yes, I did see your comments and I've been meaning to respond but forgetting. The truth is I don't plan to make any further maps or updates for the "Mountains" universe- to tell the truth I got really tired of Mountains and I'm pretty done with it.
        May 20, 2017
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